This video is quite possibly the weirdest shit on Youtube I’ve ever seen, even worse than the weird side. I know this must sound like every other story about someone finding an odd video on Youtube that changed their perception of reality but this video doesn’t cause hallucinations nor does it make you go insane… far as I can tell. It’s very difficult to find of course, a video like this isn’t just going to pop up on the main page.

First off, there is no title and just simply pressing the search button on Youtube doesn’t work, I’ve tried several times. Second there are no tags or a description, and third the video technically doesn’t exist due to the duration of it being zero minutes and zero seconds. I am unsure whether it has a different effect on other people but my experience should provide a little light on this subject.

After I clicked on the video nothing showed up of course, but after several seconds whether this is a script the uploader made for it, my webcam turned on and displayed me on the video, slightly freaked out by this I decided to click on another video then go back; just as I did, in that split second before the screen goes to the other video I saw…something. It was a mess of static and constantly changing pictures and video clips, I can’t even begin to explain what I saw. I didn’t even want to go back after that. Maybe if you have more courage than I did you can find this video and just maybe capture what it was that I saw.

Credited to Decisivefactor

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