If you can feel anything right now you are alive. Any feeling means you are alive. of course you’re alive, you’re reading this as of right now, but why I tell you that you are alive is because I let you live, in fact I let all of you live since July 7 of 1920, but how do I know about you back here when you’re all the way in 2013 approaching 2014, I am what very few people know as a time dweller; every time one of us is called upon we come to humanities rescue. The crusades were stopped by us, Rome was destroyed by us, World War 1 was won by us and as I can see World War 2, the cold war, and world war 3 will be won by us, though that last one seems to end a little more drastic than the last.

You are probably wondering how I can see all of this, I apologize I got distracted. When a dweller is at the climax of his or hers quest they can see what dwellers have done and what they will do, the climax I have reached is a battle with a creature unlike anything this or any other dimension has seen. I used to be a religious man; I was living the American dream. No one knows who the next dweller will be; it could be your average Joe, maybe that homeless person you saw on the sidewalk, perhaps it could be the extremely well known business man that is at the top of his game, making the big bucks, but after you are chosen nobody will remember you. It’s a slow process, people start to forget certain positions you may hold or people may just forget you, but once the process is complete you will no longer have anything left, so doing something that will save humanity is the last bit of importance you will have.

When I was chosen everything that I imagine to happen to my life did happen, my two kids started to hate me, my wife left me, all I had left to fall back on was my religion. But even that was ruined. That’s when a man came to me and told me about my new life and what I was going to do and honestly I didn’t think twice about it. After some training I was ready. This beast I mentioned, it comes from a places from beyond the inter dimensional space. Something straight out of scifi I know but what you will come to learn is that those comic books or in your time the TV shows and the movies, the technology in them will be real. And this creature is no different, if I am or were to fail this thing would destroy the earth, possibly even the galactic super cluster. There is one realization I have come to; religion, the upper-class, anything that seems like it is a better way of living, fuck all of that. What I could see and what I can see is none of those matters. If I could live any farther than this I wouldn’t abide by our laws. What I am here to tell you is live, stop caring about whether you can or shouldn’t do something, if you want to do it go ahead because if you are young in the 21st century then you only have a good 30 years before the flash happens.    

Credited to Decisivefactor.

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