I was meaning to talk about this experience I had about when I was five years old, I never knew that an innocent fluffy teddy bear video cover could be so twisted on the DVD beneath the cover, Winnie The Pooh has been a big favorite of mine, however, this DVD caused me to stop watching the show, it was after my fifth birthday that I received it, it was from my friend Bertha, she knew I loved Pooh and all of his friends in their adventures together, not always all at once, but they had some adventures involving every friends of his, anyway, when I put the DVD into the player, I saw that the DVD was normal, Winnie The Pooh was in the picture, along with Piglet and when the DVD started the episode, the Pooh video started with Pooh Bear sleeping under his thinking tree, he was also very happy, however Winnie The Pooh then suddenly woke up to see Tigger hunching over him, “hey there Pooh Bear,” said Tigger. “Listen I need your help.” “Why?” Asked Pooh. “Kanga is not feeling well,” said Tigger. “She’s moaning some weird words that I’ve never heard her say before.” Pooh and Tigger then got up and ran, the scene then changed to Kanga‘s house, and two seconds after that, it showed Pooh and Tigger entering the house, “Kanga?” Said Pooh. “Are you okay?” “Pooh Bear,” said Kanga. “I started saying these weird words in a voice that didn’t sound like mine.” ”What were those words Kanga?” Asked Pooh. “I don’t know,” said Kanga. “They just.” Kanga then stopped talking for a minute and the she spoke in a deep distorted voice, “You are a very stupid bear,” said Kanga. “I wanted you dead for years and now goodbye loser.” Pooh saw tentacles come from behind Kanga’s face, she turned slowly towards the viewer her eyes were blood red, and tentacles were coming out of her mouth, I watched in horror as the tentacles grabbed him and dragged him towards her, Tigger The came back in with an axe, Tigger looked more angry than usual, “Let Pooh go!“ said Tigger. And with that, Tigger charged and with one swing of his axe, he chopped Kanga’s head and Pooh was released Pooh then unwrapped his leg which was cut open exposing some of Pooh‘s stuffing, later that night Tigger buried Kanga‘s corpse in a gave sight, and then after twelve seconds, the video ended, and the credits rolled “well,” I said. “At least Pooh and Tigger survived.” I went to sleep that night and dreamed of Kanga in her normal way, but I was still badly scarred from that video, so if your friend gives you a DVD with a blank disk cover, then tell your parents watch it first before you watch it, so you won‘t be disturbed.

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