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Please! Mii fans! Stop reading! This story contains Miis getting decapitated, and tortured. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I used to work for Nintendo of America while the Nintendo Wii was being created, it was actually kind of a good job but there was one guy who worked there that nobody really knew about, we didn’t know what he was like or what he did on his spare time, all we had were just rumors.

His name was Henry and there were rumors about him being spread around the office about what he did, where he lives, and how he even got hired in the first place (all of which are most likely not true). To me he was just some other guy who just wasn’t really known by anyone.

But sometimes during the Wii’s production he started to act... suspicious. he would show up to work really late, he glared at some of the employees and he would hide in the bathroom and wouldn’t talk to anybody. I almost felt bad for him.

But one Tuesday afternoon my coworker, Mike walked up to me on my break. "Hey Johnathan, what do you think Henry’s doing over there?"

I’ve known Mike ever since I’ve started working at Nintendo, I would consider him to be one of my best friends we would go bowling, grab a bite to eat and sometimes play a few rounds of golf.

Anyway, I looked over at Henry and he was just pacing, and I could clearly hear him mumbling to himself.

"Looks like he’s mumbling to himself." I replied.

"Seems like he’s insane!" Mike said jokingly as he sipped his cold can of pop.

Henry continued to pace around mumbling to himself for about a minute and a half until he left the office, me and Mike followed a safe distance away. We’ve saw him grab a Wii already boxed and ready to ship to retailers and went to one of the back offices.

He was sure to look around to make sure nobody was watching and proceeded to enter the room, shutting the door behind him.

"So, uh... wanna check out what he’s doing?" Mike asked.

"Maybe later, besides our break is nearly over." I replied as Mike and I walked away.

It has been a good 10 minutes since our break period ended and I was working, I had a clear view of the office that Henry had entered, and he’s still hadn’t come out. I started to become curious as to what he was up to in there, but I eventually decided to turn back to my computer and continue my work.

About 30 seconds pass and a loud scream catches the attention of everybody in the office, I whipped my head to face the door to the room that Henry was in and all I saw was one of my co-workers standing there shaking in fear.

Everyone got up and left their cubicles and ran to the room and when I managed to get a good look into the room, I almost fainted.

Henry was laying on the floor... dead, his body was dark, unrecognizable as if he were electrocuted the result was an office-wide panic. People were screaming, calling the police, some even vomited right there on the scene while others fainted.

Two days later everybody who was present when we saw Henry’s body were called to the presentation room, I was still shook from that whole episode and didn’t really want to think about it anymore. But I just went anyway.

When we got there my boss was standing at the front of the presentation room while we got all settled, "Hello everyone." My boss said. "I’m sure you’re all aware about what happened two days ago and I’m still as shook as all of you were, however we’ve gone security camera footage and I thought it would be very important for you all to see it. Please note that some of this footage may be disturbing."

My boss walked over to the projector and brought up the footage and pressed play, the video began with Henry entering the room with the Wii and sat down at the desk. He hooked the Wii up and set it up.

It was normal for the most part other than the fact he had a bottle of beer and was drinking it throughout the process of setting up the Wii, when Henry got the Wii fully set up the first thing he did was go to the Mii Channel and when it opened he pressed the button to make a new Mii.

The Mii’s gender was male and he started it from scratch, he made the Mii bald with huge eyes and and a huge mouth and a small nose.

"Okay, right there is the weirdest Mii I’ve ever seen in my entire life!" One employee shouted.

We’ve all shushed him and continued watching the video, and then Henry got to naming the Mii and then he named it... eteled.

"Wait... Pause the video!" Another employee shouted.

My boss paused the video as the employee took a couple of seconds to anylize this Mii’s name.

"That’s delete spelled backwards!" He yelled.

And before we knew it, everybody in the room was a heated debate on Henry knew what he was naming this Mii, or if it wasn’t just a coincidence because he was drunk.

It wasn’t before my boss put a stop to it. “Everybody shut the hell up!" My boss yelled.

He pressed the play button again and we’ve continued to yell in silence, Henry saved the Mii and put it into the Mii plaza. Henry simply stared at the screen and said “Huh, I’ve always wanted to be a Mii." He said as he chuckled.

Immediately after he said that my boss paused the video.

“We are now about to enter the part of the video that may be disturbing, if you are unable to handle the disturbing nature of the following, please leave the room now." My boss explained.

And thus, many employees left the presentation room, I counted and there were only six people left, Me, Mike and four other co-workers.

"So uh, staying?" I asked mike.

"Yep, I wanna see what happened." He replied as my boss pressed play again.

In the footage Henry noticed that the monitor screen started to flicker he looked down at the plug for the Wii and it was halfway into the socket, he walked to the socket but by pure clumsiness he’d spilt the beer onto the outlet.

After that he bent down to push it back in all the way and when he did he got electrocuted and dropped dead, I looked behind me and all four co-workers In the room winced as Henry got electrocuted in the footage. I didn’t even want to look at it!

Mike just sat there and watched with a blank expression as if all emotion has been sucked out of him, I looked back at the footage and got a good look at Henry his body would sometimes jerk and flinch due to the electricity.

But about 6 seconds later the monitor in which Henry made that Mii on strangely went static.

"What the hell?" I’ve thought to myself, in fact that was the only thing I could think of at that’s point of time.

But then the monitor displayed Eteled, the Mii that Henry made and started speaking. "I’ve always wanted to be a Mii." Eteled said in a distorted low-pitched voice.

"Have you ever wanted to be a Mii?"

Nothing happened for about 30 seconds until a loud scream sound effect was heard, then the monitor was flashing with creepy images. I couldn’t get a good look at what they were because they were flashing so fast, but there was one image (the final image) which stayed on the monitor for about 3 seconds.

It was at a hallway with hospital beds lined up next to one another, there was nobody laying on the beds though and then after that last image the monitor cuts to static and then the footage cut to static.

Everybody was silent nobody said a single word.

"I-I’m very sorry y’all had to see that." My boss stammered as he turned off the projector, "You may all leave now." He continued as we got out from our seats and left.

But as I was leaving I realized something, after we went back to work after seeing Henry’s body two days ago I looked back and noticed one of my co-workers, Johnny taking the Wii with the Wii remotes and the cable and box out of the room.

I assumed that he was just gonna format the Wii system memory, but then rumors started going around the office that Johnny just put everything back in the box, sealed it up and put it with the others... WITHOUT FORMATTING THE WII SYSTEM MEMORY!!!

The Wii has already been sent out to retailers I should’ve known what Johnny did, Johnny has a reputation going around the office for doing some stupid things but this would leave whoever was unlucky enough to buy the Wii to find out about Eteled.

Now I have no idea what Eteled could do but I knew that wouldn’t be good, and there was no way I could track the Wii but I couldn’t accept the fact that whoever bought it would soon find out that it was used by a man who died while using it or at least find Eteled in the Mii Channel.

So about 2 weeks later I resigned, while Mike and I still remained friends, there will always be that day that in the middle of a conversation one of us will bring up Henry and we would just sit there in silence.

and I really really hope that whoever buys that Wii doesn’t experience what Eteled might do and if they do, I pray that it doesn’t make a lasting effect on them.

Henry was a man that nobody ever knew about, nobody spoke a word to him and never really acknowledged his existence. Was he a loner or does he have a mental disorder? Nobody knew, but all we could do is speculate.

Remember the only thing we had were rumors.

Part 1[]

Originally released 08/08/2017

Kyle got a Nintendo Wii on his 7th birthday on November 28th, 2006. Kyle still remembers the moment he quickly ripped it open, "Wow, A Wii! Thanks, Dad!" Kyle cried in happiness. After that, Kyle's dad had a bit of work to do and Kyle kept asking his dad to make him set it up for him.

And when his Dad was finally done, Kyle's dad set it in the living room.

After his dad set it up, he left Kyle to play. He was going to play Wii Sports but Kyle remembered about the Mii Channel. So, he opened it to test the Wii.

But when he got into the Mii channel, turns out there was a Mii named "eteled"

Wii Deleted You

A picture Of Eteled taken by IceyPie

The name eteled is just backwards for delete. Kyle took a good look at eteled; he was bald, with a big smiling mouth, giant eyes, and a small nose. He started to creep Kyle out a bit, so he decided to delete him.

Then he started to make a Mii version of himself, and he named his new Mii, Kyle. But when he got back to the plaza area, eteled was back. It was almost like it was a virus.

Kyle was still kinda creeped out, but he forgot about it and played some Wii Sports. Kyle loves Wii Sports, it was a compilation of Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Kyle wanted to play bowling since it was his favorite sport. Kyle's Mii was in a bowling alley with many other Miis and occasionally Kyle would see another Mii in the lane next to mine do their throw, but about halfway through the game, he saw eteled, Kyle remembered that he deleted eteled, then he went to delete him so then he clicked of Wii Sports and went back to the Mii Channel.

But before he deleted eteled. He said "Why are you trying to delete me?". "What do you mean?" Kyle asked in fright.

"At least he can't hear me" Kyle said anxiously. But to Kyle's surprise he could hear him, "ARE YOU SERIOUS, OF COURSE I CAN BLOODY HEAR YOU!" Kyle said, "You're absolutely creepy!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'M A SPIRIT OF SOMEONE NAME HENRY AND ALSO I AM NOT CREEPY!" Eteled said with annoyance.

"I just don't want you on my Mii channel, you’re creepy and you’re just creeping me out I'm sorry and wait you're a Spirit!"


The screen cut to static for five seconds until it cut to a close-up of Eteled's face, eteled's pupils were huge and as every second passed, Eteled's expression became angrier and angrier. Kyle turned off the Mii Channel and ran to his dad.

He was on the phone, so Kyle waited for him to finish. "Dad, There's something wrong with my Wii!" Kyle said with a scared voice. Kyle let his dad to the living room and turned on the Mii Channel and surprisingly, it looked normal. "What?! He was right there dad he was right there!" He yelled with confidence, "Kyle, maybe you’re just playing a bit too much I think you should take a break." Kyle's dad recommended it so Kyle did it.

He closed the Wii and and took a 15-minute break. But after 15 minutes Kyle came back to the Wii and clicked on the Mii Channel but then the text that says Mii Channel now said "Goodbye, Kyle." and then the Wii automatically turned off.

Kyle tried to go back into the Wii and go on the Mii channel but the text that said Goodbye Kyle now said Wii Deleted You and that meant that Kyle could only play as Eteled.

So that meant that no matter what game he played, he would always have to play as eteled. (Moral of the story: NEVER DELETE ETELED)

Part 2[]

Originally released 08/30/2017

December 5th, 2006, I was sitting on my bedroom. I was bored but yet still in shock after what happened a week ago, with eteled. Christmas was coming and I was tired of playing as eteled in all the games I played.

I'd actually managed to find out about the guest players, but whenever I tried to play with them, they would just reload as eteled. I tried asking my dad for a new Wii so I can start over, but he doesn’t acknowledge eteled's existence and doesn’t believe me about the whole fiasco.

But anyway, I heard the doorbell ring I ran to the window until my best friend Nathan waiting outside the door, I ran to the door and let him in. "Hey Kyle!" He said happily, "Hey!" I replied. We talked for a bit as we went upstairs and just as I thought, he found the Wii.

"Whoa, dude! You have a Wii?" Nathan said in excitement. "Why didn't you tell me?" he continued.

"Well um... Nathan, you see-" Before I could finish, Nathan grabbed the Wii remote and said, "It's fine dude, let's play!" as he gave me a Wii remote. I reluctantly turned the Wii on, and I took a glance at Nathan's face, and he was clearly very excited.

The Wii menu came on screen and I became nervous when Nathan pointed the Wii remote to the Mii channel.

"Hey Kyle, is this the Mii channel? I heard I was really cool." Nathan asked.

"Yeah it's really cool!" I stammered.

Nathan clicked on the Mii channel and I try my best to think of an excuse to not go on the Mii channel, but before I could come up with one Nathan pressed start. What was weird was that I expected to dialog box saying "Wii Deleted You" to appear but to my suprise it led us into the Mii channel.

But when we got into the Mii channel, it was very very glitchy, with textures in the wrong places and the music was very very low-quality, I looked at Nathan and needless to say, his excitement was replaced by pure confusion he looked back at me. "Uh Kyle, do you know what’s happening here?" He asked before I could start explaining I heard a very loud grinding noise.

We turned back to the TV and saw Eteled standing in the middle of the Mii Channel my eyes widened in fear, Eteled just stood there for a while though just staring at us.

Eteled look at me again. "Uh, Kyle what’s going on here?" He said as I looked back at him

"I have to close the Mii Channel." I replied

I pointed the Wii remote at the exit button at the top left of the screen which it’s textures were all mixed up. "Come on, come on, come on!" I repeated to myself as I repeatedly clicked on the exit button.

But the dialog box to choose if you wanted to leave wasn’t coming up and at this point I was starting to panic, so did Nathan while I was desperately trying to close the Mii channel Eteled started speaking.

"Hello Kyle!" Eteled said happily.

"Kyle, what’s going on." Nathan asked me frightfully.

"Just calm down sit down I-I’ll explain it to you later, just let me handle it okay!" I replied.

Nathan sat down on the couch and just when he did, Eteled spoke out again.

"Don’t you know that your Mii is coming to visit?" Eteled spoke.

"What the heck are you talking about?" I asked.

"The Mii you’ve created, he should be here at any moment." Eteled replied.

Immediately after Eteled said that, my Mii came. He fell from the top of the screen and landed on the ground of the Mii Channel and Eteled disappeared shortly.

I was happy to see my Mii again but when he got up I was shocked, he looked extremely pale and he was covered in bloody stains while he was wobbling as if he was struggling to keep his balance and I’ve could’ve sworn that I heard my Mii whisper

"Help Me..."

I backed away from the screen and Nathan was literally shivering I made another attempt to close the Mii Channel and Eteled appeared again.

"Hadn’t you seen okay? You’ve hadn't seen him up close yet!" Eteled said in a sinister tone.

The camera then zoomed in onto my Mii and when it was fully zoomed in, I saw my Mii crying as he was struggling to stand, I’ve felt bad for him burn after a couple of seconds Eteled walked on screen with an axe.

He walked over to my Mii and pushed him over my Mii fell onto the ground and cried even more, Eteled put his foot on Mii’s chest to restrain him.

"YOU GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!" I yelled.

Eteled looked at me and said

"He won’t get away from me, he just won’t live!" Eteled said as he looked back at my Mii who was crying out of breath from squirming.

Eteled raised his axe and swung it at my Mii’s legs chopping them off and while there was no blood, I did see red stains in the areas in which Eteled chopped off my Mii’s legs but I could still tell that my Mii wasn’t still in intense pain and he was squirming for dear life.

Eteled then raised his axe again and paused for a moment, I looked back at Nathan and I’ll never forget the fear I saw on his face, every inch of fear was visible on Nathan’s face I never saw him so horrified in my entire life.

I eventually told him to go to my room so that he wouldn’t have to see anything that would happen next, he nodded his head and ran to my bedroom and slammed the door.

I turned back to the TV and Eteled swung the axe at my Mii’s neck, decapitating him and there was still no blood however I still did see red stains on my Mii’s neck and head I was done at this point.

I ran to the Wii and repeatedly pressed the power button but it didn’t work, I tried again and again and again until I saw the screen go to static but as time went by I saw Mii’s decapitated Head slowly fading to the screen.

Immediately I went back to trying to shut off the Wii but I still couldn’t shut off the Wii by using the power button so I unplugged the Wii, I took the Wii, Wii remotes and chords and ran to my room.

I swung the door open and threw the Wii into the closet, I looked at Nathan who was sitting on my bed and still in shock after everything that has happened today.

"Is-is it over?" Nathan asked quietly.

"Yeah, it’s over." I replied while breathing heavily. "I think you should go home Nathan." I continued.

"Alright, see you later." Nathan replied as he left the room.

After Nathan left I went back to the living room to see the static is still on the TV screen, but after a couple of seconds the static was replaced with a black background with white text saying "THIS IS NOT OVER!" then the TV turned off.

Part 3[]

Originally released 10/20/2017

February 2nd, 2013, I’ve just turned 14 and I’m enjoying playing Nintendo Land on the Nintendo Wii U that I’ve got from my birthday. But whenever I hear the word "Wii", I think of that Mii, that Mii that traumatized my childhood all those years ago.

I got a Wii on Easter of 2010 with some allowance money and luckily that Mii didn’t appear on it, I had fun with that Wii but whenever I picked up the Wii remote, I felt scared, scared that the Mii would appear once again (you know which one I'm talking about... Eteled).

Later that day while I was in bed watching Netflix on my Wii U I remembered that message on the TV screen back in December of 2006 (I remembered that day vividly). The message was "THIS WAS NOT OVER!" but it’d almost been seven years and nothing has happened.

As the movie I was watching ended I asked myself a question which I was surprised I hadn’t asked sooner which was "Is Eteled sentient? Nope he can’t be, he’s just some stupid AI! But what sick being would program what Eteled has done?"

I turned my head to face my closet with the old Wii still in there I never touched it again after what happened all those years ago so I just sort of left it there. I wanted to know what if Eteled was some virus that somehow gone into the Wii, I do have a bit of technical knowledge and I thought I could put the Wii’s SD card into my laptop to access the system files.

I slowly walked to the closet and carefully picked up the Wii, I took out the SD card and brought out my laptop, I plugged in my USB SD card reader and then put my SD card into it.

"Here it goes," I whispered as I took a deep breath.

After I inserted it I opened the file explorer and clicked on the SD card and gained access to the Wii system files, there were files like Game Data, System Memory and lots more.

I clicked on System Memory and one result came up and it read "eteledmiichannel.WAD", I really didn’t think that I’d be able to find something related to Eteled so quickly, I was hesitant to click on it at first however I just remembered that I had a part-time job working at my local neighborhood Walmart so if anything happened I can just save up and buy a new one.

I clicked on the file and the screen went black, it was black for about 10 seconds and then there was I was greeted to a simulated Wii menu. It was really messed up though. It was dark and all the music was low-quality and occasional loud screeching noises and the icons on the Wii menu would occasionally cut to static for about a split second.

The hand though, which I controlled using my mouse, was just Eteled’s face. I just stared at the screen for a while. I wanted to leave but I also wanted to find out the mystery of this Mii that traumatized me as a child so I continued.

I clicked on the Mii channel and pressed start and I was taken to the Mii channel. It was just a black screen with all the icons on the side but nothing else, Eteled then appeared on screen.

"Oh, you came back..." Eteled spoke.

"Yeah... I did." I said slightly scared.

"I’d always thought that you’d come someday." Eteled replied. "Delete me...".

"Wha-Why?" I questioned.

"Uhh, I need to show you something..." Eteled replied.

"Uh, okay...?" I said with confusion.

I picked up Eteled and dragged him to the delete icon I was given the choice to delete Eteled and I’ve breathed heavily as I chose to delete him, I was taken back to my desktop and I was confused but then I noticed something wasn’t added to my desktop, a file named "DELETED.MP4".

I was nervous, I didn’t want to click it but if I was gonna find this Mii’s origin, I had to continue.

I clicked the file and a video opened, there was static for a while but then it cut to a hallway with hospital beds lined up next to one another. Each bed had a Mii lying down on it hooked to life support machines and you could clearly hear the beeping sounds of the machines but most disturbingly, you could hear the moans and cries of the Mii’s laying on the beds.

The camera moved from the hallways slowly and it stopped and turned to one of the beds. A pale Mii was lying down on it, then after a while the Mii flatlined.

The strange thing is that the Mii’s in this video can make different expressions like being sad or angry, there were also Mii’s who were making expressions that weren’t even possible for a Mii could make I saw some that were full-blown crying.

The screen then cut to static for a while (long while actually). The static was on screen for a minute and a half! Then the screen cut to Eteled laying in one of the beds with life support machines hooked up all over him, I was shocked when I saw this because Eteled wasn’t making his normal creepy expression but instead making a very sad expression (although his eyes and mouth remained the same size as before).

But then Eteled looked at the camera and then spoke out.

"Do you see? Do you know why I don’t want to be deleted? I tried to warn you, whenever a Mii gets deleted, they get sentenced here. Where they are doomed because their creators deleted them, these life support machines are only here to keep us alive for the remaining time we have. And when we get taken, we die. However I am the only Mii in existence who knows how to get back to the Mii channel after being deleted, but I don’t know how to stop the pain. Learn your lesson or I’ll make you."

After Eteled wasn’t done speaking he ripped off the tubes and wires that were connecting him to the life support machines and got out of his bed and then he disappeared the video file then automatically closed and I was taken back to my desktop.

I was frozen to say the least, my brain was trying to comprehend what just happened, What was this hallway and what was Eteled trying to teach me? But I eventually pieced together what was going on in this video and it took me a while but I believe I found an answer:

You see, a Mii being deleted is basically the equivalent of being diagnosed of a terminal cancer or incurable sickness so they are sent to the hallway where they are hooked to the life support machines to let out the remaining time they have left, and at the end they get taken off of life support and they die.

It is a painful death but Eteled is the only Mii in existence who knows how to recover from the sickness and get back to the Mii channel, but he doesn’t know how to stop the pain that’s what he was trying to teach me he wasn’t trying to be scary but instead trying to teach me a lesson.

It’s just that violence and aggression is the only way he knows how to do it, in the end I never found out Eteled’s origins. I never knew how he was created or what his motives were, but I think it’s best that I never do...

Written by IceyPie
The license on the wiki is CC-BY-SA 4.0.