Going out and buying a game for the hell of it isn't what I thought it would be. I'm not trying to freak anyone out with this story, or even scare anyone, but just trying to see if this has ever happened to anyone, or anything like it.

About a week ago, My friend posted a picture online stating that she found her old Pokemon Gameboy Color and a PSP. She then said how she didn't even feel like having them, and was looking to get rid of them. I was thrilled and bought the Gameboy in a heartbeat. Overjoyed, I went home and dug out my old Pokemon Red and started a new game. I beat it within three days, nothing special.

So then I dug out my old Silver version. I couldn't wait to beat that, since I never have before. I erased my previous game from when I was a kid. Nothing special on there really, four badges, a level 32 Cyndaquil, 27 Pidgeotto, and a 25 Onix. So after playing that for about 4 hours I went to bed, only to wake up the next morning to find my new game had been erased. The battery in the game was bad. I was so disappointed. I wanted to play this so bad.

Later that week I went to my local retro game store where I am really close with the owner. I explained to him my problem. He said they could replace the battery for 10 dollars, or just provide me with one they had in the back, free of charge. (They had at least 30 copies of Silver in the bin he got it out of). When he gave me my copy, it was in decent condition. I mean a couple scratches on the picture of Lugia, but that was fine by me as long as it played. He said it worked fine. If it didn't then I could just return it with another one. So I gave him my copy in exchange for the "new" one.

I was so happy on the ride home I couldn't stop smiling. Seriously. My mom even commented on it. I didn't get to play it 'till about 8pm. But when I did I played it on my Super Gameboy for my SNES. When I first started playing, I got to the part where I had to pick a starter and that's where it got to be odd. On my Silver as a kid, I picked a Cyndaquil because of how cool he looked. I'll always remember that. Since my favorite type of Pokemon was water, I chose Totodile this time. Professor Elm didn't speak for a while. Every time I pressed A it just made the sound effect, but no text box popped up. After getting a little frustrated, I just walked out of the lab. Before I could make it out though, a text box finally appeared that said "...I knew you'd leave us MATT." Must be talking about my transition from Red to Silver I thought. And walked out.

I did everything normal after that. I got the egg from the guy, got the Pokedex from Oak, fought my rival, and made my way back. When I went into Elm's lab he was still acting odd. He was facing the wall and once again, not talking to me. I was fed up to be honest. So I decided to start my journey. As always, they told me before I start my adventure to go visit my mom. So I walked to our house. She wasn't on the first floor, which was odd. So I went upstairs, and there she was. Standing right where I did when I started my game. A text box appeared that said: "sob...MATT. What happened? What happened to your bond? Why are you abandoning me? Why did you abandoning us? sob... Where did we go? We aren't here. You left us. Abandoned us. We aren't here." And then she disappeared. I was alone in my room.

I left the house, and everyone was gone. Literally everyone. I'm not kidding. It was creepy as hell. No people aimlessly walking, no trainers, even my pokemon were gone. I was never one for thinking a homebrew game could be in my possession, but the owner of the retro game store checks and plays every game traded to him. I'm there half the time to help check them too. This wasn't a homebrew. I don't know what it was to be honest. I took the game back the next day and now own a copy that works perfectly fine. I won't forget that copy though. It's always at the back of my mind.