Jasper's POV

It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, I had just gotten back from my job, I unlocked my door and walked inside of my house, plopped down on the couch, and started to rest. I was so tired from work, I was on call tonight though, so I could be called in again.... it's hard being a police officer while keeping those cold memories stuck inside of your head. I looked up at the ceiling, wondering what I could do in the meantime.

"I should just take a shower." I mumbled to myself, getting up. I was still sweaty, and I needed a shower bad. I walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and went inside. As the water was pouring down on me, a memory hit my head.... of Mary and Rosemary. That day, was still engraved into my mind, my sister and my friend, brutally murdered by a magician. I looked down, the water running down my back, I could still remember later that day when the police came to my door and told me what they found.


"What?! What do you mean you guys didn't find a stage?!" I asked. The police looked at me like I was crazy, and then looked down at a notebook. "I'm sorry kid... we only found the bodies, no stage. It was just your imagination." One said, handing me the evidence. It was true, all there was on the pictures was my sister's and my friend's dead bodies. I couldn't believe it, was it all my imagination?

-flashback end-

I sighed and turned off the water, grabbed my clothes, and slipped them on. It was hard to get that memory out of my head, I had to move on, but it is so hard. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down on my living room couch. Finally, it was time to relax.

-time skip-

"RIINNNGGGG!!!" My phone ringtone sounded throughout my room. I groaned and rubbed my eyes, using my other hand to pick up the phone. "Yes?" I yawned. I listened, it was silence for a few seconds, then the booming sound of my boss's voice went into my ear.

"Hello Jasper! Sorry to wake you up, but we need you for a investigation, please come to work Immediantly." My boss told me. I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone. I had to hate my boss at times, why would he give me an investigation at 3:00 in the morning? I couldn't question it, if it was at this time it must be important. I got up slowly, and put on my officer suit, and started out the door. As I was walking, I felt a weird feeling in my gut, and I looked around. "Hey! Is somebody there?" I asked. A bush shook in the distance. "Stupid animals..." I mumbled, unlocking my door and getting into my vehicle. I started the car and took off towards the police department.

-time skip-

About ten minutes later, I finally made it to work. I locked my car and walked inside of the building, just to be greeted by my boss. "Okay, this must be important." I crossed my arms. He nodded and made the signal for me to follow him. I questioned how he was acting, but I went along with him until we were in a room with my partner, Davis. "Okay, I called you two boys here for a... strange investigation." My boss mumbled. Davis then stood up.

"Strange? What in the world do you mean?" Davis asked. I had to agree, I wanted to know too. The boss turned to us. "Okay... just a few hours ago, we got a phone call from one of our men, here, this will explain." The boss said sadly, going over to a answering machine. We walked over to him and he started the message. "H-Hello, sir! If your getting this, please! Help me! I-I... n...e..d..h..lp! H...s...!" The message said, starting to get full of static. Our eyes were wide, and the message became so full of static that we could no longer understand it.

The boss went ahead and shut it off, and looked at us. "Now, I wan't you to tell me what you think was happening." The boss told us. I looked at Davis and he looked down at the ground.

"H-He was being chased..." Davis responded. I nodded in agreement, then another memory hit my head, about that magician, and how he looked as if he was going to chase me down that day. Davis tapped my shoulder and I snapped out of it. "Huh?" I asked. Davis looked at me. "Are you okay man?" He asked. I nodded, and looked at the boss. "Okay, continue." I told him. He sighed and handed us a map, and it had a little x on a certain place. I looked up at him. "That x on the map is where you both are going to investigate. So get going!" He shouted. I looked at Davis and we both took off in our cop car.

About 20 minutes later, we was still driving. I heard Davis grunt. "This is so stupid! If that police officer didn't return, then why would he send us?!" Davis asked angry. I shrugged, and kept my eye on the road. "I guess he thinks we can do better, either way, we are getting paid more for this one thing, so let's do it right." I smiled. Davis rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever man... how much longer till we get there?" Davis asked. I reached down and threw him the map. "I don't know, check." I told him. He sighed and looked at the map, and a trail came up the corner of the road. "Okay, take a left," Davis told me. I turned the wheel and took the left, it was a dark forest, just like that one forest which I will never speak of. I looked at Davis, who was looking at the map. "Okay, so I'm guessing that we just keep going forward?" I asked. He looked up and stared.

"D-Dude, your right, we're here." Davis responded. I looked forward and my eyes widened, and a large, half torn down mansion, was right in front of us. I stopped the car in front of the mansion. I opened my door and got out, and I heard Davis do the same. We both stood in front of the car and looked at the mansion closer, and I handed him the keys to the car and he locked it. I sighed just to hear him gasp and point. "Hey... isn't that the other cop's car?" Davis asked. I looked over and saw the car, it had blood smeared on the door, my eyes widened and I went to get back into the car.

"Dude!? What are you doing?!" Davis asked. I looked at him. "I'm not going in there!" I told him. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my arm. "Come on, nothing is gonna hurt you." Davis laughed. I felt fear rise in me, this place... scared me, it looked abandoned, just like.. that stage. Before I knew it, Davis had me at the door.

"Okay, let's knock." He told me. I shook my head and he chuckled, knocking on the door hard. "Freeze this is the police! Open this door!" He shouted. We waited for a few seconds, then he knocked again just to recieve no answer. "Okay, that's it!" He shouted, and kicked the door open. Dust and bugs flew out as the door slammed open. I looked at him wide eyed. "Shush! We don't know if we're alone!" I told him. He rolled his eyes and walked in, I took a gulp and followed him inside.

"Wow, this place is a dump." Davis mumbled. "Yeah, because it's abandoned." I replied. He laughed. "Really now? Well, if it's abandoned, then why was there blood on the car? And the possible murder? Somebody has to live in this place." He told me. I looked down, what if.... it was him, what if... he wanted to finish the job, I hoped not. I looked back up at him. "Let's just find him... and we shouldn't be here long." I told him. He nodded and we both continued to walk, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being watched, and that made me scared.

-time skip-

"Oh come on!" Davis shouted, throwing a piece of broken wood. It has been two hours since we arrived, and we found absolutely nothing. "Calm down!" I told him. He turned to me. "You know what... this is a stupid place! Like you said, it's abandoned, let's just go." He told me. I sighed in relief, it was about time he opened up his eyes. We started off down the hallway, cobwebs in the corner of the walls, and the smell of rot. I was relieved to be going, this place made my bad memories go wild.

"Hey, dude, we didn't check this door yet!" I heard Davis shout. I turned around and noticed him in front of a closed door. I walked over to him. "I don't want to even know what's in there." I replied. Davis kicked the door, making a sound from the other side. "It's blocked from the other side, come on, help me with this!" Davis said. I groaned and started to push the door, which slowly slid open. A few seconds later, Davis kicked it again, and a loud sound of glass and other objects breaking and falling came from the other side. I looked over at Davis, who walked inside of the room, just to stop.

"Dude, what's wrong?" I asked. He looked at me. "C-Come in here, quick." He told me. I tilted my eyebrow confused and walked in, my eyes widened at the sight. In the corner, was the dead officer, he was shredded and had no eyes, j-just like my sister was that day. I started to turn around to sprint out of the place, and Davis grabbed my wrist. "Look over there...." Davis pointed. I looked at where he was pointing and saw a magician suit, it was slightly torn. "We can use this as evidence, and-" He started. We both stopped talking as we heard footsteps. I looked at a closet.

"Come on! In here!" I whispered, grabbing him. He nodded and we both sped walked over to the closet and shut the door... then, to my horror, I heard a familier voice. "Ah!~ There is my precious human!~"I heard. I felt a tear run down my face in memory of that voice, I had to see if it was truly him. I slightly opened the door, just enough so I could see him, and I wanted to scream. It was him, that magician, and he was cutting the skin off of the officer.

"D-Dude, we have to make a break for it!" Davis said, about to move. I shook my head and stopped him. "If you do, we are both dead." I told him. He looked at me. "How do you know?" He asked, raising his voice a little. I shushed him and he just kept talking louder and louder. Then, I heard the sound of footsteps coming towards us, Davis wasn't shutting up.

I glanced through the crack in the door and saw a shoe, Davis went slient and I looked up the cracked door, just to see a green eye looking directly at us. We stayed still, knowing we've been caught. "Oh~ Did more people come to see the party?~" He laughed, grinning evilly. I felt tears rush down my eyes and I turned the other way.

"Nonono..... you don't exist! You don't exist!" I mumbled to myself. And that's when the door slammed open and Davis was screaming. I kept in the corner of the closet as I heard Davis groaning in pain, and the sound of flesh and bones getting ripped and shredded went into my ears. I didn't know what to do, I know I should run, but my fear was making me frozen. Then, the sound stopped, and I heard footsteps walk over to me, and two arms grabbed me. I kicked and screamed. "Let loose of me! YOU DON'T EXIST!" I shouted, punching the magician in the ribs. He was fazed by it, and I took this as a chance to run. I sprinted, not stopping, and saw the door.

"That wasn't nice!~" I heard. The next thing I knew, the door seemed to vanish, I reached for it and their was nothing but a wall. "Oh I love it when they run!~" I heard. I knew he remembered me, and I know he's after me. I was scared again, I had the same fear as I did when I first witenessed him. I looked around, scared the death of what was happening, and that's when a familier cape went around the corner, and he appeared. "You think you can run from me?!~" He asked, his grin wide and insane. I clutched my head and ran down another hallway, it seemed to go on forever, will it ever end?

"Oh Jasper!~ I see you!~" He laughed. I shook my head and continued to run. "L-Leave me alone Papagrande!" I cried. He laughed, his laugh echoing. "So you do remember me?~ Tell me, do you want to see another show?~" He asked. I cried louder. "No! Leave me alone!" I cried. He laughed louder. "Come here!~ It won't be a long one!~" He shouted. I looked ahead of myself and noticed the broken door, it was still dark. I sprinted down the stairs and to the car, and went to get into it, it was locked, then I remembered that I gave the keys to Davis.

"Shit!" I shouted. I heard a laugh from behind me and the magician was standing behind me, his staff with a point in the end raised, and he slammed it into my eye. I screamed as my eye was pierced by broken peices of wood from his staff. "This one is called, "where has the eye gone?." He laughed, and ripped his staff out of my eye socket, along with my eye itself. I fell back onto the side of the car, clutching my bleeding and eyeless socket.

So much pain, so much indeed, I looked up at the magician who loomed over me his staff raised again. I knew... that this was it, this is how I would die. And to my horror, he slammed it down into my neck, it pierced through my skin, and I automatically started to cough up blood. I looked at the magician through my one eye, and he got close to my face.

"I hope you enjoyed the show.~ Hehahahaha!" He laughed. I couldn't breath anymore, everything was going black, and closed my eye, and accepted my fate as he lifted his staff again, and slammed it down into my heart, I soon finally had peace, and the fear was finally over.

-article from newspaper-

"Today, in the town of Plymouth, 3 bodies have been found in the woods earlier this evening, each looked to be in their early twenties and appeared to be ripped open and shredded. No further evidence has been found, a memorial will be held next monday at four in the afternoon for the officers, may they rest in peace." From the Sheriff of Plymouth

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