Is this a hidden update?

I found something a little odd in-game. There's no details on it in the wiki, nor in the patch notes. We all know about the new "strange" quality weapons, yes? Well, considering I had picked up 2 Strange Charge'n'Targes and nobody wanted to buy them, I said to myself, "You know what? Screw it!" and crafted them into a scrap.

Except what I received wasn't a scrap metal. It looked like a Scrap Metal, but the icon was upside-down and partly missing like a glitched texture. It was simply called "Strange" followed by a collection of weird symbols - punctuation marks, accented characters, so on and so forth. I tried to craft this new item with another scrap metal, but all that happened was I got a little pop-up window with nothing on it but the word "NO." However, as I scrolled down my list of crafts, I noticed a new option had popped up "Craft Strange" again followed by odd punctuation marks. I clicked it, and low and behold, one of the crafting ingredients needed was the odd new metal I found, but in the result box I couldn't see anything. Mousing over the results box brought up a pop-up as if I were looking at an item, but it was simply filled with uneven punctuation marks and symbols, some of them even leaking out of the window itself. The other item needed to craft this presumably glitched item was any other strange weapon. I had a spare Strange Eyelander so I decided to use that.

This is where things really started to go strange, and if this is a bug I hope it's fixed soon because it was kind of unnerving. I crafted the new item, but no "Congratulations, you have crafted" window popped up. Instead, a window saying "wr-ng" followed by the same symbols from the other items popped up. After this, TF2 instantly crashed on me, an error window popping up saying "Wr-ng-555955559-ERRORERRORWR-NG-prr-rproxie-559" came up. I Googled that and found nothing but some website that was in Russian and translated into nonsense. I opened up my game, but instead of one of the standard tracks playing, I heard this weird scratchy sound, like my microphone was giving bad feedback. This stopped after about two seconds. The menu was different too, no transparent map in the background and no class standing there looking important. The TF2 logo was there, but it was greyed out and partially missing, the missing areas were just bits of noise, like a TV without a channel? The server browser button was missing, so was store. Play now was called "plAyy" and items was called "wr-ng". 

I clicked "wr-ng" and it brought me straight to my backpack, not the section before that with the class selection and crafting options. All my items had been reorganised to the back of my backpack and were mixed in a completely random order. The first slot on the first page, however, held an invisible item called "WR-NG". It was an all-class weapon, apparently. 

I decided to leave that, feeling a little weirded out. I pressed "plAyy". Instead of bringing up a window or server browser, my game started to instantly connect to a server. The background didn't change on the loading screen and all I could see was the "connecting to server" window, except it said "WR-NG CON-NNEXCT". Upon joining the game, I spawned as an Engineer with only one weapon, it looked a bit like the gunslinger, but it was a skeletal hand, bits of flesh and blood hung of it, as though somebody had poured acid on the Engineer's bare hand. The model was really well done, but looked way too detailed for TF2. 


The map was nothing but an empty black room and I couldn't move or switch weapons, my voice commands all ended up as the engineer's pain sounds. I tried to type something into chat, but all that came out was a bunch of random punctuation marks and symbols, the only word I could make out was, once again, "wr-ng". 

I tried to swing my "gunslinger" weapon, but doing so instantly killed the Engineer. His death scream was about 10 times louder than normal and scared the life out of me. After death, I noticed that not only was the Engineer's hand a bloodied mess of bones and flesh, so was the rest of his body. I only caught a glimpse before my game crashed for a second time. I had about one second of seeing an error message saying "WR-NG" before all the power in my house - even my laptop, which should stay on if we lose power, went off.

After resetting my power and starting up TF2 again, everything was normal, the "WR-NG" item was gone and my Backpack was in order once again. But every now and then I've been getting little pop-up windows with messages. Most of them are just the nonsense symbols, but occasionally I'll get one with a message, short messages like "I AM HERE///8**" and "SEE'SSS yOU..>" have come up. All of them end with the word WR-NG.

So far, nothing I've tried can stop these messages from happening. Not even a brute-force reinstall of TF2. They seem to be binded to my steam cloud profile. They don't do anything, they just pop up here and there. 

Little weirded out. So... does anybody know if this is a hidden update? Or possibly just a really weird glitch? I've seen nothing else about it.

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