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Life goes on. Day after day, week after week. I finally have a job that pays me well enough to provide for my two daughters, Amara and Jayde. Amara being the eldest, at 13, and Jayde being 11.

A few weeks ago I purchased Minecraft. It came out a month or so ago and I decided to see what the big hype was about it. I open up the game on my computer and log in. I see the starting menu, and click the "play game" button. I then go to the select world level. But something was strange. There was a world called "Satan's world" already. I shrugged it off and deleted the world. I then started a new world and the game loaded. I walked around for a little bit and found a pig. Still getting used to the controls, I right clicked, left clicked, and hit the pig. It tinted red and jumped back while making the "honk" noise. I then heard Jayde scream. My eyes widened and I jumped from the computer chair immediately. I ran to her bedroom to see her, in the corner of the room, terrified.

I ask "What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

She replies with "S-spider!" I sighed with relief.

"Where?" I asked. She points to the other corner of the bedroom and I look over. I walked over and looked at it. This was an unusual looking spider. It was black and grey, with 4 tiny, red orbs. It looked as though the spider was somewhat pixelated, in a way. It also looked bigger than usual. I picked it up, and it made a hissing noise. I squeezed it to death, and then threw it in the garbage.

I am now playing Minecraft again, and have made a weird discovery. The spider in Jayde's room looked freaky similar to the spiders in the game. I was playing at night, and a spider came out of a cavern. I killed it with the wooden sword I crafted, and decided to enter the cave with nothing but my sword and leather armor. I then found a hole, and thinking eh, fuck it, I took a leap down the hole, and for some reason, it didn't end. I sat there for five minutes, still falling down the endless gap. I got up to check on the girls. Amara was in her room, texting as usual, and Jayde was playing on her iPod. I then decided to prepare dinner, considering it was 5:30 at the time. I took out some raw ground beef from the fridge, and spaghetti and sauce from the cabinets. I filled a pot with water, and let it boil, then putting the uncooked spaghetti in it. I washed my hands, and started to prepare the meatballs. I rolled them up, one by one, and then put them on a baking sheet in the oven.

Once dinner was finished cooking, I called the girls down to the dining room.

"Mara, Jaydie, come down for dinner!" Only Jayde showed up, unsurprisingly.

I yelled "Amara! Dinner's ready!" Not expecting her to come down. I went upstairs to her room and knocked on the door.

"Come i-in!" Amara chimed.

I opened the door and told her "Dinner's ready," She bounced off her bed and dashed past me, bolting down the stairs. She tripped at the last step, and fell forward, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah, Marmar, you inherited your father's clumsiness, I presume." I said. "DID NOT!" Amara replied. I chuckled.

When we were done with dinner, I cleaned the table, and washed the dishes. I then returned to Minecraft.

I left the game on, to see if the void would ever end. It's now 7:45, and I'm still falling. That's two and a half hours. And I'm still falling.

It’s now 10:30, and I just finished paying all my bills. I decided there was nothing else to do, so I started up Minecraft and went onto the world I started. I fell for about thirty seconds, then finally stopped. It made the “Oof” noise, but I didn’t lose any health. I was flustered, because that kind of fall would’ve killed me. I then see that there’s red blocks spawning around me. They form into what looks like a person, and then walls, surrounding the two.

“Well, I see we have our awaited guest,” The figure said, in a somewhat ominous voice. The thing raised its hand and snapped its fingers twice. I see these tall things that look like creepers, but these ones are a dark, maroon color. I then see my health depleting, and it’s all gone. But I’m still alive. I try to walk around, but my character was stuck, it couldn’t move at all. My head was stuck focusing on the red figure, and it’s army of maroon creepers. The creepers come closer, and closer. They hiss, and explode. The screen says “You Died!” I click the respawn button.

I respawn in what looks like a cage. My character looks around on its own, like in a cut scene of an Xbox game. I’m staring at the red thing.

“You had quite the fall. Thankfully, my little crew revived you. Let me introduce myself. I am your worst nightmare, reborn. These next few days are going to be a living HELL!” The game crashed. I shake my head, and shiver a bit. I then check on my daughters. They’re both asleep, thank goodness. I hear glass break downstairs. I then hear hissing. I slowly walk down the stairs, and then I gasp. A tall, maroon creeper looking right at me. It hisses and approaches me slowly. I run to the kitchen, in search of a knife. I pull out the longest one I have, and run towards the creeper. Then I lunge the blade into its head, and pull it out. The creeper hisses, and explodes. I see Jayde coming down the stairs.

“Daddy!” She yells. 3 more creepers come in through the broken window. They go straight for Jayde. She screamed.

“Jayde! Run!” I yell, before slowly slipping away from consciousness. I wake up to see Jayde and Amara standing above me. They have chains on their wrists, and sad eyes. The red figure is standing behind them, a knife in each hand, over their necks.

“I only ask one thing of you. You join us, and your children will be spared. If you decline, prepare to have your biggest fear become a reality.” “

LET MY DAUGHTERS GO!” I scream. The red thing shoves the knife into Jayde’s neck, slightly. He pushes it in slowly, and I can see her body go limp. I feel a hot tear slide down my cheek, and I blink twice, I hope this is a dream.

“Daddy, join us daddy” Amara says. “Join us, be immortalized. Dei sumus. DEI SUMUS!”

Dei sumus. I know that phrase. Dei sumus, dei sumus. Latin for “We are God” what does that mean? Some type of satanic chant?

“ANTI-DEI” The red thing chants. The floor beneath me ignites.

I yell, being engulfed in flames. The last thing I saw wee my daughters innards being pulled out, one by one, the red thing devouring it. I then know his name. Satan. Gratum inferno…