Have you heard of the movie "Valiant"? It's a movie where a young woodland pigeon, Valiant, must survive in a battle of WWII. Yeah, that movie. Well, what if I told you that I have found an unreleased, dark ending to the movie? Well, it happened to me a few days before writing this.

Valiant the original ending clip

The Only Screenshot of the ending

It's a bit of a long story. I was on the movie's website looking for something to click on until DVD promos came up for a new Valiant DVD.

It said, "Valiant is now available on DVD. Get it on eBay NOW!"

I didn’t know how eBay recovered these copies of the movie, but it had almost everything that it could get its hands on. However, I stayed silent about that. I didn't work on the website anyway. However, as I was searching down for a new copy of Valiant, I found something that caught my eye.

Valiant Included a Never Before Seen Original Ending

It was rather interesting. It had a word that reminded me of the first Vanguard Animation movie that Disney had produced in the US. I bought it and then a week later I opened the package that had the DVD in it. The cover was normal, but when i opened the case, the DVD was very different. There was something written crudely with black marker. It said:

Valiant: Original Ending,

I wondered what the original ending would be like, so I put it in the DVD player and began watching.

The Walt Disney home video logo wasn't there, however, just a few previews from movies that went by rather normally,

Then it cut to the DVD menu, but everything was... different. The sky was red, pigeons were lying all over the floor, the billboard was smothered in some kind of liquid, Valiant stood there with blood shot eyes staring at the viewer, the buildings that were featured on the menu were abandoned, and no music was playing in the menu. Just wind blowing and a door creaking. I cringed because of that disturbing DVD menu. It looked like someone had hacked the menu or something. What was even more disturbing was that Bugsy was lying dead on the floor with his bottom half missing, and most of his stink was washed off with blood.

Anyways, I clicked play and the movie started. The Disney DVD logo was skipped, however. The movie started with the Walt Disney Pictures and Vanguard Animation logos like normal, but without the normal war music playing within them.

Then the screen went black. It started with the normal scene where Tailfeather and Toughwood were arguing about their idea while Lofty and Valiant told them to shut up until Gutsy returned, but then he said, "Gentlemen, I’m afraid it's hopeless." Valiant is seen with black angry eyes with red pupils, saying "If you don't let me do this, it's time for you to DIE!"

What was shocking was that Valiant was talking in such a dark way. Then, he did the unexplainable.

He killed Gutsy by stabbing him in the stomach with an axe and ripping open his stomach and pulling out his intestines, then he choked Toughwood with Gutsy's intestines. His brother Tailfeather tried to save him from Valiant, but it was too late. His head was pulled off by the dead bird’s intestines, leaving a headless corpse. Then Tailfeather started to cry over the loss of his brother, very realistic crying sound, while Lofty flew to calm Tailfeather down, who was sad to see that Toughwood was killed. The animation became choppy and the audio became distorted as the screen violently glitched to some white flashes.

Then it cut to Tailfeather crying again, but this time, Lofty Thaddeus Worthington was not present and was replaced with Valiant holding Toughwood's head. He flew towards Tailfeather and killed him by stabbing him in the head multiple times with Toughwood's skull until he died instantly of brain damage. Then he cut open his stomach in a similar realistic fashion to eat his organs, including his lungs and heart.

Then Lofty Thaddeus Worthington appeared very scared by Tailfeather's dead corpse. He was stabbed completely in the head, with both of his eyes stabbed with the beak of Toughwood's skull, and his stomach was cut open with his organs missing and realistic blood coming out of his body. Valiant appeared next to Lofty and he then said, "Can I please borrow your eye glass for a sec?" Lofty then gave him his eye glass, and he then broke it with his foot and stabbed Lofty in the eye with the broken glass. Lofty was screaming in pain very loud, and it made my eardrums bleed. Then Valiant found a chainsaw which was lying across the ground, and he said, "Good Night Lofty Thaddeus Worthington!" as he cut him in half with the chainsaw that he found lying across the ground. He was realising that killing made him so alive and said "What should I kill next?" before the screen cut to black.

It then cut to Valiant in the falcon's bunker where Von Talon was taking a shower. Bugsy was crying and saying, "I'm too young to die. I can't believe..." as Valiant was flying to the cage with a mad look on his face. Then Bugsy walked to the side of the cage to see Valiant saying, "Hey? Valiant!" Then Valiant said, "Shut the heck up Bugsy! You betrayed me in such a messed-up way, this is ALL your fault!" Bugsy said in a sad voice "But Valiant, I was only trying to help..." then Valiant said, "You broke up OUR team, like the falcon always has. I am going to kill you! You are a disgusting pigeon.” I was shocked that Valiant was talking in such a dark way to his best friend. Then he did the UN-explainable. He killed both Bugsy and Mercury by slicing Bugsy's body parts with a chainsaw and stabbed Mercury in the heart with glass, he then left the bunker without the message. I was also shocked that Valiant just killed his best friend. After he left, Von Talon was in the shower holding his beak washer like in the normal version, saying "What's going on?!" before it cut to black for about a minute.

He then returned to the Royal Homing Pigeon Service, where Sergeant Monty and the RHPS officer were waiting for one of the pigeons to return with the message. While they were waiting, Valiant was seen to have returned but without the message. He was seen holding a sharp stick and a knife. Then he pulled Sergeant Monty closer with the sharp stick. The tone turned dark as he stabbed the royal homing pigeon service officer in the leg.

He then went to the nurse's office to see and kiss Victoria the nursing dove when he returned, but the scene was alternate. Valiant took Victoria to a nearby wall and slammed her against the wall, knocking her out. I was also shocked that Valiant knocked his friend/love interest out,

Then he flies to the local bar in West Nestington, which is his hometown. He saw Felix, the bar owner that I saw in the beginning of the normal version of the film. He removed the pencil from his foot and stabbed him in the lung with the pencil, and he pulled his head off with a chainsaw that he used to kill both Lofty and Bugsy. Finally, he went to his home to see his mom in the abandoned watermill barn house. Valiant then pulled out a chainsaw from his military bag and violently remove his mom's legs and wings with a chainsaw similar to how he did to Bugsy. I was shocked that Valiant killed his mom.

I nearly puked at all of this graphic imagery. That's why the original ending was removed from the final product of the film, because it was deemed too violent for younger audiences.

Then it went black afterwards. It cut to a scene where it shows Valiant in his dark and abandoned home staring at the bodies of the other dead pigeons. He said in a depressed voice: "My friends are dead now." Well, not all his friends. Victoria clawed out of the pile of dead bodies. She was covered in blood, her vest and hat were torn a bit and her wounds were visible. It was relieved that she didn't die, she just got knocked out. She said: "What is wrong with that carrier pigeon? Maybe he shouldn't listen to them." She then flew off to find replacements for the staff of the Royal Homing Pigeon Service after he had killed them. Valiant was still staring at his dead friends until they faded to darkness and Valiant was nowhere to be seen. The movie ended without the credits.

The next day, Saturday I think, I woke up at around 11:56 AM. I turned on my computer and went to Google to look up information about the original ending. However, I couldn't find very much of anything. I went to my Yahoo email and contacted Gary Chapman, the director of Valiant, about this.

However, I got no response back. Not much of a surprise; I mean, these kinds of things don't really exist, do they?

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