This post is mostly for the sake of other staff members (but anyone's welcome to read it, of course), and is just an explanation of my absence for the past few weeks. To put it bluntly, there was a period where I'd just gotten tired of people and needed a break from online interaction, meaning I pretty much stopped browsing entirely--across all communities, not just this one. There were a few things that contributed to this turn of events:

  • Lots of busywork with college, helping a friend move, and other projects
  • Lack of free time for creative projects
  • General misanthropy
  • Getting a 3DS

I like to think those are in order of relevance. One week became two, then three... now that summer courses are starting up and other obligations are done with, I feel I need to force myself back into the world again (even if I'm not as cute as the last time I came into it).

A user recently contacted me about the state of the site, and he/she was right in that there is a lot that can be done to draw patrons to the Wiki again. That gung-ho user has since been promoted to a staff role, which I'm happy about. The site needs people like that, and it needs people with fresh ideas if the community's going to be grown--a daunting task for any website.

That said, I can't promise I'll have the free time to take on new projects on the wiki (honestly, I'm not really sure what exactly there is to be addressed right now), but I will state that I am at least going to be around and active again to deal with problems as they arise and to communicate with other staff on the needs of the wiki.

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