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The next scene showed Lily still standing in the living room.  She was no longer crying, and her body was a completely normal color.

"I can't live without Wrenley," she said in Mona Marshall's voice.  "He was my best friend. He gave my life happiness and meaning. Without him, I have nothing else to live for."

The kids in the background that helped Lily find the clues started to cry and whimper.  They shouted: "Please don't do it Lily! We love you! We're your friends too!"

"I'm sorry," Lily said.  "I'm sorry if I break your hearts for doing this, but I have no choice.  Goodbye."

She held up an avocado, and sliced it. She also pulled out a spoon to scoop out a portion of the flesh.

Lily had a calm look on her face as she put the flesh of the avocado into her mouth. She instantly collapsed.  She foamed at the mouth, and her body twitched and thrashed on the floor like she was being electrocuted.

She eventually stopped moving, and I knew she was "deceased".