I want to document my progress in wrighting here. Ive started off in this wiki as I dont think I could come up with any good OC's myself. I think by having a basic idea of a characters behaviour, I can expand that even more. Evemntually Ill get to the point where I can write my own characters in a more convincing and realistic way (hopefully!).  

I'd love to get feedback from people on the stories I write so I can improve as much as possible and perhaps oficcially publish them on this site. 

I posted my first story on the writers workshop on Sunday the 18th of march. It was inspired by a video made by a youtuber I freequent, Baptismonfire. He discussed a story which was written with little detail and a bearly existing plot. I decided to re write the story, changing the circumstances in which things happen but keep the most important elements the same. I am not critisizing the author as everyone starts off somewhere and I believe any new creation is worth positive attention. Creating a completely original character is complicated, however adding small details to the story is what can define the story and make it diverse.

I will soon add to the story but here is the beginning:

Cleo the Killer remastered

I hesitantly stepped out of my mums car. This would be my fourth school and attempt at an improved and peaceful life. My therapist had gotten me to write this diary in order to prevent me from relapsing into my previous behavioral issues, but I doubt it will help much. Nevertheless I try. 

From the corner of my eye I can see my mum praying, before she notices me, quickly finishes and clears her throat. My parents have always been overly religious. Maybe thats the reason I turned out the way I have. who knows. “Sweaty” she said in a clearly fake, overly joyful manner, “Have fun at school today, maybe you’ll make some friends”. I gave her a half smile, “sure I will” and before she could respond to my sarcastic retort, I slammed the car door shut and walked towards the entrance of my new school. Frankford High School was carved into the stone archway of the massive 20th century building. It loomed over the street casting a shadow over all the students gathered in front of the entrance. Although its exterior may have looked inviting to other people with its fine decorative enhancements and curves, to me it still gave off the familiar aura of a prison I had felt in all of my previous schools. 

Walking past some of the students I overheard their conversation. Apparently a boy named Liu who had attended this school a few months prior, was taken into custody after badly injuring three other students. From what I heard he apparently pulled a knife on them and nearly stabbed one of them to death before fleeing back to his house. Now I was never one to believe what the kids in high school said since it was mostly bullshit - trust me I know, people used to talk about me the same way and although some of it was true, the story were mostly so enhanced by the time they came back around to me that I had become somewhat of a legend -  but something about this was different. Too many people were talking about this at the same time and the students seemed genuinely scared. I even overheard a few of the staff members talking about it. Stupidly, I ignored all of that and decided to file it under “bullshit” in my imaginary file case in my head.

In order for me to find my way around the school, I was to go to the deans office. However being the dumbass that I am, taking the floor plan that I was given, with me to school is something too straining for my stupid little brain to remember. So I went on the search for someone who seemed alone enough for me to intimidate if I had to. Yes, I know, it seems like im the bully here but if you have ever experienced what I’ve been through, becoming stronger than your demons is something you’ll need in order to survive. As I walked along a random corridor, I saw this boy. He looked like your stereotypical angsty teen: dark, shoulder length hair, dark circles under his eyes, a white hoodie and black skinny jeans. Perfect. 

The closer I got to him, the more I noticed how much the people around us were trying to avoid him and stared at me with slight shock visible in their expressions. My ever so growing anxiety to talk to people made me stutter even though it was obvious that this kid is more of a target than a bully. “Hey, Uh”, I felt like a complete nonce, “S-So I’m kind-d-da new here”, jeez I sound like an anime girl gone generic, “sorry I don't mean to b-bother but could you show me where the deans office is, I…I kinda forgot my map”. After all that I expected him to tell me to “get lost” or to simply turn around and walk away but to my surprise he agreed. Well maybe not directly as the first thing I heard was a low growl which had no resemblance to any words I had eve heard before and I guess after repeatedly asking what he meant by “grrr drrr urgh” he just gave up and made me follow him.

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