Is it me or does jeff the killer sound like the creepiest advert for nightol sleeping pills to ever have been subjected to the minds of ismmonia sufferers.

Picture the scene.

A man is tossing and turning in bed with his eyes closed, unsuccesfully trying to get some shuteye, and all of a sudden he is woken up by the raspy voice of Jeff the killer saying " Go to sleep". The man wakes up terrified to see a crazy albino kid/man/thing standing over hin.

Usually, this is the climax of a jeff the killer story.

Instead though, instead of pulling out a knife that would make crocodile dundee weep, He pulls out a bottle of sleeping pills.

The camera crew come in and jeff immediately switches from a hoarse raspy voice to a deep comercial voice and starts spewing out the random crap assossiated with adverts.

Don't panic though jeff retains his mentalist status.

He handsa the man the sleeping pills in which the man replies "Thanks jefferey".

Tension immediately taints the air as jeff gives the man an evil look.

"What did you just call me" Jeff says in the most ominous voice.

"Thanks jefferey" The man replies with slight hesitation.

Jeff suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs the man to death.

"I hate being called jefferey" Jeff says as he wipes the blood off his knife on a stunned cameraman.

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