The Supreme Council is a proposed governing body for all Horror Wiki's, consisting of Bureaucrats from The Creepypasta Wiki, Badpasta Wiki, Lolpasta Wiki,and Spinpasta Wiki. 

It was rejected by those in the higher-ups of the Creepypasta Wiki, who all failed to see the bigger picture. I took inspiration from the governing body of the Italian-American Mafia, known as "The Commission" which is run by 7 Bosses from The Chicago, New York City, and Buffalo NY crime families...For more information on that, be sure to check it out here

The Supreme Council was my way of organizing some of the more powerful authoritarian figures in our respective communities, that of course being the bureaucrats into ONE governing body, in order to strengthen our relationships with one another. Although I am currently banned on the Creepypasta Wiki, I come to this wiki to hereby declare myself as a non-factor in the functioning of this council, as I am not a bureaucrat in any of the mentioned wiki's. However, that doesn't mean I can't help contribute to the council in anyway, as lower-ranked members such as an Administrator, or Rollback are directly appointed by the council to conduct various tasks. If the council decides that a moderator or chat moderator from a particular community needs to go, then the council will appoint an admin from that particular community to make em go...see where im getting at? That's exactly what i wanted the council to be, a ruling committee for every single one of our favorite wiki's. I don't expect the Supreme Council to be enacted anytime soon, but just know that my proposal was of good intentions. 

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