Hey there! So honestly I'm technically not new on here but finally old enough to make an account without getting banned whoops. So basically, I used to be Biblet02 on here, maker of some really, really cringy sonic fanfics. Especially Sonic.exe ones. And I finally decided just to make a new account and mainly just do some editing at first.

Another big reason that I decided to make this account finally was really to just try to get a fresh start on this wiki again. I feel as though I've matured a lot since when I first joined (I also moved past the Sonic fandom finally) and honestly the way I acted was really stupid and I regret that a lot.

So basically, as said before I joined also to start doing some edits again because I feel much more confident in my editing abilites than I do my creepypasta writing abilites at the moment because I'm rusty at writing in general. So I hope to maybe make this time around on here much much less cringy than last time and hope to just have some fun.


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