Hey guys :) my name is Nora ( sorry for bad grammar) 

Favorite Creepy pasta: Jeff THe Killer

Favorite bands: BVB, PTV, ATL,AA,BOTDF, WTK, and Simple Plan

Favorite candy: Twix ouo

Favorite movie: The devil inside of me

Favorite thing to do is: Climb trees and scream weird shit. Be a panda.

My best friend: Matthew, Zach ,and Patrick.

My eyes: Right brown left igreen

height: 5'2

hair color: is charry red with blonde and brown in it.

birthday: 02-01-01

favorite color: Rainbow, but zach like purple o-o

From: USA

Favorite place: Under the bridge

Love scaring people it fun (: 

That all i got about me hope u guys like it and ill write creepy pasta storys soon (: The photo is me (:
IMG 5222

This is me :)

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