Spinpasta Wiki

Hello! Welcome to my blog.

This is me explaining underrated topics should do more frequently.

Anyways, Lets get to the point, Shall we?

The first thing i feel like only a few people are doing is bear alpha spinpastas, bear alpha is a game on roblox where you do puzzles in order to survive a funny-looking teddy bear, it is an oldie, and when it comes to roblox games, they either storytell an encounter they made in a game by making a page or basically explaining a dangerous user they met in the game. These two options? I'll go with storytelling encounters, the encounters in 2019 or other stuff.

The second one is wikipedia. Wikipedia is very infamous, and lot of popular stuff get creepypastas. Take sonic the hedgehog for example, it blasted in popularity so much, that it had a creepypasta of it, that creepypasta being sonic.exe. So in my opinion there should be more creepypastas about it, for example incidents.

The last one is the nick jr faces, they should be used in spinpastas a bit more often. I mean, come on, the nick jr. Frogs are overused, there like in 78 stories (that's just my guess.).

Well, That's all.