Yo! I am Andra.

Yeah I'm a lil Creepy and weird, sometimes DEEP WEB weird... When I'm around the people who hang out with me I keep tell them that I'll kill them all... But those are just sick jokes... I love heavy metal, but I'll talk about that later...

Anyways... Hi! Andra's the name (I know, I just told you that) , I like Creepypastas, the first one I ever read was Slender man, my favorite is Jeff the Killer, one of the reasons I like it is because... Well, in a twisted weird way, sometimes I see Jeff as a male psychopath twisted version of me, because like he has to deal with his insanity, I have to deal with my lonelyness... Like him I was bullied, but unlike Jeff I hidded myself in the shadows while Jeff fighted back, regardless of the consequences.

But enough talk! I like keeping the mistery!

Favourite bands/singers:

Black Veil Brides
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Fingers Death Punch
Bullets for my Valentine
Marilyn Manson
Linkin Park
Ghost town
Bring me the Horizon

Assassin's Creed (All of them)
God of War
Walking Dead Game
Mad Father (Horror RPG)
Misao ( Horror RPG)
Mermaid Swamp (Horror RPG)
The Crooked Man (Horror RPG)
Pokemon (All versions)
Sillent Hill 4
Resident Evil 4

Free time:
Well... In my free time i do a lot of things... Such as drawing, playing games on PC, watch Pewdiepie videos... But, anyways besides the bored life inside my house, sometimes i go out and meet my friend Alexa or just sitting in that chair staring at creepypasta photos and talking to friends ;-;
I got a bored life.

Why are you still reading this?
Okay, now i realise that you read all this... If you read it, you just probably wasted your time but it's allright...

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