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Quick Site Tips

  • Write your story somewhere other than in a new page. The site is finicky and might delete everything you've written if you write for a really long time.
  • Finish your stories, because otherwise, it's possible that your unfinished story will collect dust for half a decade.
  • "Funnypastas" = Humor Articles

Why I'm Here

I have nothing better to do than edit here. Therefore, you can count on me to randomly observe/fix/find things.

You can usually find me doing things like making a new category or deleting a category which isn't on the list of categories.

You can ask me if you want to create a category. You have to find ten pages which fit its criteria.

About Deletions

If I deleted your story, I'm sorry. I can give it back to you, and honestly, there's a high chance I will reupload it on the site. At one point, I thought that this site should have the same quality as the Creepypasta Wiki, but now I acknowledge that I was wrong, and I am sorry.


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