aka Marguerite

  • I live in Laurel, MD
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is Fry cook
  • I am Female

My face...REVEALED! Sort of.

Hello there! I'm also an admin on Trollpasta Wiki and Creepypasta Wiki.

Stories I've written that are on this wiki:

One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Evil Never Dies

Trust Me, Part 1

Trust Me, Part 2

All that Glitters

Please Follow Me

The Betrayal

Pasta Monsters: The End

The Worm in Paradise, Part 1

An Unexpected Reaction

The Titan's Wrath

The Rose Withers

When the Hunger Strikes


The Tears of a Clown (my fan-made backstory for Splendorman)

Untitled God-Jeff Story

That s no angel by laserpotato-d5wzav1

A little teaser for "The False Prophet".


My Name Is Anna (tentative title, Guru Anna's sidestory)

The False Prophet (High Priest Jonathan's sidestory)

Jeff is Back? (tentative title, might be changed to avoid confusion with the pasta it's based on)

The Worm In Paradise parts 2 and 3

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