Doctor Gordon Freeman

aka Gordon Freeman

  • My occupation is Black Mesa Scientist
  • I am getting turned into a rainbow by Rainbow Dash
My first days on Black Mesa

Going to Black Mesa for a experiment!

Headcrab infestation

I like this

VALVe Cover

Three Characters.. Three Series.. One free man...


If I am a pony...

My Wikia

This is my wikia, <insert name here>! Anyway, if you want to add a page or anything like mods or whatever related to Minecraft, go here:

My favorite pages

My Pastas

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Over The Ground

  • Over The Ground: Prologue

  • Airstrike
  • ICBM's
  • Operation Blue Wave

Mann Vs. Machines

World War Z Fan Fic

  • World War Z: Another Survivor: It Has Begun
  • World War Z: Another Survivor: "Safe" Place

Black Mesa

  • Black Mesa: One Out Of Three

Half Life Info's


  • I Regret Shooting Her...
  • A Luna Game Experience

This Ain't Xen

  • This Ain't Xen
  • This Ain't Xen: Still In Equestria
  • This Ain't Xen: Camper
  • This Ain't Xen: Meet The Team

Twilight And The Sniper

  • Twilight And The Sniper

Half Life


  • Goose 3 Down!!

Half Life - Opposing Force

  • (Still playing the game)

Half Life - Black Mesa Incident

  • Black Mesa: Anomalous Materials
  • Black Mesa: Power Up
  • Black Mesa: On a Rail
  • Black Mesa: Apprehension
  • Black Mesa: Residue Processing
  • Black Mesa: Questionable Ethics
  • Black Mesa: Surface Tension
  • Black Mesa: Forget about Freeman!
  • Black Mesa: Lambda Core
  • Black Mesa: Xen
  • Black Mesa: Gonarch's Lair
  • Black Mesa: Interloper
  • Black Mesa: Nihilanth
  • Black Mesa: It's Time to Choose.

Team Fortress 2

  • Right Behind You...


  • Sink the Bismarck
  • The Vacation Break
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