I still see her face in my dreams. The same face that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. A male trainer, couldn't ask for an even more loving companion.


It was a long time ago, when I only had a female Ralts as a Pokemon, since my family thought I needed something simple, and not too strong. I loved her as a friend, and I guessed that she loved me as a friend. This ralts was different, because it had blue eyes, like me. I still remember her cute face as a child...truly brings back memories...


Maybe I was hallucinating, but I saw that my Ralts seemed more affectionate towards me, and sometimes more playful. I mean, I loved her, but I believed that she loved me more than just as a friend. Curiousity sometimes doesn't kill. It would be abandoned memories that would kill.


Happy I was, and I always will be. I remember the days when we were rebels, rebelling against those who tried to harm our strong bond. I remembered how happy she was to face criminals who tried to rob us, and her putting them in their place, in the newly built Kalos Jail. I felt like we were truly more than just friends at this point.


At high noon-I saw Ralts change form, into what appeared to be a happy dancer. I wasn't insulting her, but she seemed more beautiful to my eyes, as a child. I smiled, and I gave her a hug like I always did when I was younger. Some kids would say "Duh! You guys love each other!" And, it appeared that they were right.


It happened. The Pokemon of mine-once a Ralts-now a Kirlia, changed form into what appeared to be a woman within a wedding veil. She appeared more calm and collected, and would sometimes consider somehow coming out of the Premier Ball, and hugging me. I remembered that, when I was a teenager. I didn't know when we were going to be separated.


She vanished one day without a trace, and I found signs of a struggle. Someone must've tried to rid her. I-I had to stop the person who is trying to take her away from me! I remembered that I got a Crobat from my friend, Ivan, and we flew to where I could feel her presence closest. I was in a panic, terrified at this point. I didn't want to lose her, because I...I loved her.


I found her lying on the ground, badly injured. I hugged her like she always did to me, and I walked her to the nearest Pokemon center, protecting her from any further harm. It turns out she had to be placed within the Pokemon Hospital for a while, and we'd have to see how long it would take for her to recover. I kinda had a feeling that she was communicating-in human speech within my mind. I heard a faint "I love you," before I left.


She's still in their care, and Gardevoir could still communicate with me, and tell me what would be going on, and she would sometimes predict the future for me. "We will see each other again, Jared. I promise."

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