As an 80s kid, I loved Transformers. I watched the cartoon, I had all the toys, I even had Megatron, the one that transformed into a gun. I did know that Transformers was aimed at boys than girls but I didn't care. When Generation 2 was released in 1992, it was disappointing and I subsequently ignored the other generations of Transformers as a female teen. On my personal life, it sucked.

I got these shitty jobs such as mowing the lawn and worst of all, babysitting. I hated it a lot, you have bratty kids you have to take care of winch can get annoying. Yep, I was a terrible babysitter. but it didn't matter as I was saving money for a Transformers DVD of the original cartoon series.

I was hired to this one house belonging to the Jacobs, that was where I had one of the strangest experiences I ever had. The Jacobs were going for a dinner party and left me in charge of their son.

The Jacobs had one son named James, upon arriving I was, to my surprise, he was a transformers fan who had owned some of the newer toys. Once Jacobs left for a dinner party in the afternoon and said that they will be returning at 1:00 AM, I played with James and his toys until he and I were exhausted. it was around 7:00 PM and then I made the biggest mistake of my life. I asked James if he had watched the TV show, he said no, however, his father bought a VHS tape from Ebay as a gift.

Ebay? I never trusted Ebay I got scammed for a pair of shoes. I felt giving away your address to someone else was dangerous. I shouldn't be complaining, the VHS tape wasn't mine, it was James.

James went to bed just before he got on his Formula car bed I asked him if I can watch it and he said yes. I regret that ever since. As soon James hop in his bed, I left his room and walked downstairs to see the Jacobs TV along with DVD and VHS devices on a table that had DVD cabinets, I look through the cabinets to eventually find the VHS tape James mentioned, the VHS tape cover had Optimus Prime fighting Megatron with the sticker "Volume 1: More than meets the eye". I took the VHS tape out of its box and put it into the Jacobs VHS player. I switched the channel and sat on the Jacobs sofa to begin watching hoping to relax until the Jacobs arrived home.

It was just a black screen at first, I thought something was wrong with the TV, however, before I got up. Megatron's face appeared and the image began to zoom out until Megatron's full body was revealed, he was standing next to an old man bound to a wheelchair. He looked at the man with hate and malice while the old man didn't take any notice of him as if he couldn't see him. Megatron lifted his steel right leg up and stepped on the man presumably killing him. Megatron laughed at the man's demise I could see the man's wheelchair destroyed and crumbled under Megatron's foot. I was disturbed by this scene. I've never seen Megatron actually killed a Human before, I thought that this was some kind of homemade episode some creep made in their basement but what's strange was that Megatron's voice actually sounded like Frank Welker not today but if he was in the eighties doing a recording. It was like his voice never changed. It didn't help that it was raining on this particular night.

The laughing stopped and cut to a scene with Ratchet in his vehicular mode driving to an unknown location and a brief glimpse of what appeared to be Optimus Prime sitting on one of those foldaway chairs at a table in a room with no doors then it returned to Ratchet driving in his vehicular form, I knew something was going to happen, Ratchet was still driving until he transformed indicating that whatever he was going to, he had arrived. It was the Ark laying in ruins as it always was. Ratchet entered the Ark and seemed to be reminiscing memories, I thought about Megatron's siege on the Ark but it wasn't as Megatron narrated this scene, he seemed to be talking to Ratchet.


The Price of Life? I said to myself but before I could contemplate what was happening Kickback appeared and attacked Ratchet then a frame of Megatron's laughing face appeared for a short moment.


Megatron's face as it appeared.

Ratchet was knocked on the ground and was dragged away by Kickback. It then the scene changed to Spike Witwicky riding a bicycle when Megatron's narration kicked in.

"Spike Witwicky? What kind of name is that?! YOU FLESHINGS AND YOUR NAMES! Well, damn them! DAMN THEM TO THE THE VERY EARTH YOU LIVE ON!"

A bus came howling at Spike and ran him over. Megatron commented on Witwicky's death.

"HAHA! PATHETIC! DID YOUR GUARDIANS TELL YOU TO "WATCH THE ROAD?" I GUESS NOT! I wished I had made use of Human companions."

The frame of Megatron's laughing face appeared again and it went to the next scene of Megatron towering over a cowardly Starscream in a corner. Megatron was pissed, so pissed it was beyond humanly possible.


Starscream responded.

"But Megatro-"


Megatron grabbed Starscream and threw him on an operating table and tied him down. Ratchet was on another operating table also tied down. Ratchet plead for his life but it was no use. Soundwave was also there next to Megatron.

"Megatron! Please don't do this! Just kill me! JUST KILL ME!"


"Yes Lord Megatron."

A surgical device came down from the ceiling and Soundwave closed the two tables together forming one operating table. I knew what they were going to do, fusing Starscream and Ratchet together, the two hopeless Cybertonians plead for their lives but were denied. Soundwave turned on and grabbed the device down to Starscream's and Ratchet's chests. Soundwave started from the very top of the head and started cutting. Starscream and Ratchet began screaming as Soundwave removed half of their outer body for fusion. He then stitched them together alive, the tortured screams sounded like the voice actors were actually screaming in pain. Soundwave completed the surgery. Starscream and Ratchet were now one being, the now stitched together duo tried to speak but all their speech was just gibberish. Megatron was pleased and took them to an airlock.


Soundwave opened the airlock and Megatron thrown the Starscream/Ratchet hybrid out into space, the duo still pleading after being sucked out. The scene was over and shown a frame of Megatron's face again and then cut to a scene of Optimus sitting at the table as shown earlier, this time, a gun that appeared to be Megatron's gun mode, the gun started to talk to Prime, I knew it was Megatron.

"Prime, I been in this hell long enough, I been treated like a toy for children, young fleshings would never understand my hell, my torment, my eternal fight with YOU, it's time to end it, Prime. I took care some of your pathetic Autobots and your companions, there is no way out of this room YOU CAN'T ESCAPE! And soon I will destroy ALL of your Autobots. NOW END IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That was the loudest rage I've ever heard in my life, Optimus grabbed the gun and aimed at his head, he spoke.

"No choice, no escape, I've died many times but now this time it's permanent I can't take this fight ANYMORE."

He fired the laser gun, it crackled his head and servos, mechanical parts flew out onto the floor and Optimus Prime collapsed possibly killed by the suicide attempt. Megatron spoke for one final time.

"Optimus Prime and Autobots is history, I now have the Matrix and I've turned this eternal fight in my favour, hopefully, this war will end and be history."

His voice quickly turned to malice and anger.


An extreme close-up of Megatron's face appeared and was mad as ever, his eyes weren't just pure red like they usually were, instead, they had small black dots in those eyes of pure rage. His teeth were clenched and his mouth had some kind of substance dripping out presumably saliva, it lasted for 5 minutes as the VHS tape ended and the screen turned to blue and static, I was paralysed on the sofa with the rain howling and the darkness of night. I hallucinated Megatron's red eyes with those black dots in the dark, that's how scared I was, just seeing Megatron's face was the scariest thing I ever saw in Transformers. Thankfully the Jacobs came home and saw me sitting on their sofa, they asked if I was ok, this took me out of paralysed trance. I lied to them and I said I wanted to be paid. Mr Jacob gave me $40 dollars and I just got the fuck out of there to return home. I believed James was still asleep but I had forgotten about him, once I came home I didn't want to sleep after what I saw, I was awake all morning, thinking what I just watched. I had a lot of questions not only about how it was made but what it all meant, the "eternal fight" obviously meant the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, but where were Spike's friends and dad? Where were the other Autobots? Who got the original actors? Either that or they were really good impressions. I would never find out and I doubt that the creators would actually make this as a finale.

My life improved, I moved out and got an actual job. I regret just leaving there, I should've got the tape but I don't think the Jacobs live at their original house anymore and I don't know if James actually watched it. If he did, he would be traumatised by it and probably upload it to Youtube as an adult. I still love Transformers, I don't know if I would see again hopefully I don't, that tape gave nightmares for 10 months after that. That incident somehow burned into my brain as occasionally when I close my eyes, I see Megatron's angry face complete with black dots.

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