• Now, remember that I stated in my blog post that I wasn't gonna write more Breath series? Well, change of plans, for now on, Breath series will only happen when I have an inspirational attack, but these series won't be big (around six or seven episodes, rarely, more than that), and I have an idea for a new one!

    Breath: Marked Pony

    A group of young ponies arrive in Ponyville, and they decide to poke around and discover more of the city, however, they end up discovering a little too much, and then, they are hunted by Ponyville's most feared psychopath: Skyblack Graymane, who decides to play a little "game" with them...

    Each night, while the ponies are asleep, Skyblack will come to one of them and gently carve a "X" with his knife on one of the ponies's flank and the pony marked with the "X" will be hunted and killed in the next night if not protected by the others...

    This project will begin shortly! Did you like it? Feel free to comment :D

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