• All right, if you have read the finale of Breath: The Fall of Celestia (This:, you probably saw that Rickamarow (or Rick for short) has given me permission to write the complete finale to FoC. (FoC is short for Fall of Celestia) And while on my way to school, I thought and constructed this idea: It's a series, AKA what I have been doing a lot lately and sometime back. Don't worry, it's about 5 or 6 parts at the maximum, probably including the true happy ending to the series. 

    Anyway, the series will be called: Breath: FoC: Crimson's Journey. The parts will be called days, and there's three gimmicks/phases per day. 

    The Journey: Crimson continues his journey to Ponyville. I will PROBABLY not include the person who seeks him, but if that's a crucial problem to Rick, I will. 

    Dream Log: Twilight contacts Crimson in his dream to ask how he's doing. Since Crimson is a unicorn, he will probably talk to Fluttershy and Skyblack in his dreams, too.

    Back in Ponyville: A small interlude with how's it going back in Ponyville, where Flutters, Sky and Twilight live. What happens in the Dream Log will be reported by the one that got contacted. Maybe something else like more fighting will happen, but I don't promise loads of extra content.

    That's about it, people! The first part shall be written today, so unless you're somehow not a fan of the fantastic Breath series, look foward to it!

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