• Okay, I don't even know if anyone comes here, but here's a good question. See, I was writing a part of My Little Poké a while ago, and I note an error in the story. I fix it, but see another one. And suddenly, the cursor thingy becomes blue and it deletes the error, but also lets me write a big part of the story ALL OVER AGAIN! And there's no way out of this, except when you click on an empty part or the Publish button! Is there any way you can get rid of this thing?

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    • Are you doing this in Source Mode?

      And I might of read this wrong, because I did not understand anything of this (:P) but it makes me think that the "Blue Spot" is an extension add-on in your browser. Are you using Sweetpacks or SpyAlert?***

      |***I am inactive, and sick today. I can't think of anything, and I am seriously tired.|

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