• Hi. I was messing around and accidentally created Spinpasta Wiki:Pasta of the Month/Nominate. I blanked it, but it still exists. Now, given that no one can find it, this isn't too much of a cause for concern, but this brings up an interesting question: Can we do Pasta of the Month Nominations?

    I think they'll work here; people rarely, if ever, come on this site anymore. The nominations will basically be a way for people to learn about good stories on this site. It might engender some healthy competition, and then later, when that competition causes people to do evil, we can delete the page again.

    On the flip side, someone could just delete the page.

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    • The reason that PotM was originally stopped was because there was a lack of a healthy community - no one comes here, basically. PotM didn't even get updated for over a year.

      A large part of this is my fault (rather not go into it. You were either there or you weren't.)

      Before I ended up leaving last time (long after the above incident), I was going to do a site purge - categorize the best stories and delete the rest to start doing things from scratch in hopes of raising the quality of the stories on site and in the process, try to build a new community that wouldn't be put off by the myriad of bad stories plaguing the site. This was met with some uproar - but the reason I bring it up is because the fact that I considered this purge an option at any point really brings into question any confidence I have in restoring the PotM.

      Until the site is cleaned up and there's at least some semi-frequent staff members, I'd rather leave it deleted so that a bad quality story (or rather, mediocre) doesn't end up on the front page.

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