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    I hate it here. This factory's forcing me to be a slave. I feel abused. I'm telling you what happens here.

    I was born into a stupid family which all of my family members but me have mental and psyical retardation. My mom constantly failed at school and some how got rewarded and about 20-30 years later comes me. Now unlike the rest of my family I'm the smart one.

    Life was fine for about 12 years until my P.E. teacher gave our class a end the enemy test and I delt with spiders, and chompy's and I'm one of the 1 in 30 skylanders that failed but after that I was called the z word and that's fucking offensive to my race. After the z word incident I was picked on for the color of my skin with the test fail and when somelander fails they get sent to the chompy factory. 

    A couple hours passed and my parents got home from work and I showed them the letter that came in the mail and it Says your kid's going to the chompy factory for "learning and how to pass a defeat a enemy test". My parents were excited, like the dumb peices of annoying shit they are and I got picked up by the bus that would lead to me having nightmares for days.

    The ride to the factory took 30-90 minutes. There were theories proven true on newspaper like mabu getting murdered and animals getting raped, but once you enter the factory no one gets out alive. About 30 minutes passed and a figure flying in all black sheet covering it with red eyes. I gave the figure my middle finger and it flew twords the factory. After 90 minutes the bus got there and the I got off the bus. Eventually I was thrown onto the 3rd floor with a cut or two but it isn't much. I eventually walked in and saw multiple mabu and sheep getting tourtured or raped.

    Out of nowhere I shouted out FUCK THIS PLACE, I HATE IT HERE!

    The grand master came out and said who the hell said they hate it here, show your self or die!!!! I replied with m m me. My second day came and I was shown my "room" more like a goddamn prision cell. The bed was covered in spikes and spiders so I didn't sleep on my bed that night. Eventually the grand master and me argued and I was sentenced to life in slavery. I eventually screamed at the grand master saying I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU THEN SHOOT YOU IN YOUR DAMN CHEST AND ENJOY IT! Which made the grand master take off the sheet and reveal that it was two skylanders under there spyro and cynder stayed under that dumb ass sheet. Later I was brought to the room where all the slaves were and I had a new cell which in the room had more victims of slavery. Once the lights went out the guard yelled goodnight prisioner 1-r5-8gh-903-nghs! That's when I lied and said I gotta take a shit out loud and the gaurd came in and let me out of my cell atleast.

    The problem about shitting is you get 2-3 hours in the bathroom, so it took about 2 hours to move the toilet out of the entrance to the only possible exit. Only bad thing is that in the vent under the toilet there's cameras and spinning blades moving in there and so the only way out is death. Eventually another slave came in and said get out now!

    I said to myself common stealth elf you can do this. Now I've been here for about 5 days and cell number 1-r5-8gh-903-nghs was called for tourture, but this isn't psychial tourture but instead mental tourture, when somelander gets tourtured they think their a guard. 9 at night came resulting in time for mabu stomping. Then 10 came and this is when Spyro and Cynder would mainly come out with guns and knives covered in mabu skin, skylander blood and other things like sheep eye. Eventually 11 came out and then I was called for tourture and the only spot in the factory without cameras or lights is the dark corner hidden somewhere on the second floor. It took time to sneak past the guards, spyro, cynder, or a hypnotized slave could get me at anytime and kill me. A week passed and I've had ENOUGH! I hate being a victim, I hate having to kill innocent mabu and other skylanders and baby skylanders too. I shouted SPYRO AND CYNDER MUST DIE! Which resulted in me getting some form of psychial torture and I was nearly stabbed to death. At 3 in the morning I snuck into spyro and cynders room and took  a bite out of their skin and enjoyed it. 

    If you ever get told take a defeat the enemy test say no and spit on your teacher but after give your a middle finger as a way of saying fuck you.

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    • this is a creepypasta of a kids video game so please accept it

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