• In the original Super Mario Bros. A lot of players have tried to jump over the flagpole. However, it has been deemed impossible except for one way. In World 1-1, you need to wait for a Koopa to glitch its death and follow it to the end of the level. Once you get to the end you need to jump over it and it’ll propel you over the flag. Waiting behind the flag there will be a pipe leading to a new world, World -2

    Before entering a message will appear,"You don’t belong here, leave now." You will be placed in a castle level that has no enemies or obstacles, there is only the boss. Once you defeat him, Toad will not be there to greet you. Rather Luigi will be there. If you approach him, he will say something,“I said leave Mario, this is not where you belong.” Then you will go to a new level World -2-1. This level is a water the music still stays the castle theme. There are still no enemies except for a few Bloopers who don’t even hurt you. In fact they fear you, if you were to go up to one they would run from you. Also two phrases will appear very often in this level. The words “Leave now” and “You will be sorry” appeared often.

    At the end of the level Luigi will be there. He says yet another message ,“This is your last chance if you don’t leave I will make you leave. You can’t…” The message is interrupted by a transition between levels. The last level, world -2-2, starts in what looks like a house. The level or house is very dark, and once you get to a certain point. Pictures start showing up, these pictures are pictures of several Toads. Either dead or tied up with limbs missing, this goes on till the end of the level. At the end Luigi will be standing next to a dead Toad. He will charge Mario, at this point you will not have control of your character, and Mario will jump over him. Luigi then outsmarts him and grabs Mario. Mario says something at this point,“Please, I’m begging you I’ll leave just please don’t kill me.” Luigi responds ,“It’s too late now, you will die like the rest. I warned you.” Luigi then drags Mario to an iron table. Mario is struggling now but to no avail

    Luigi says one last thing ,“This is for everything you’ve done to me.” The game then goes to a black screen. One last message appears ”I’m sorry, Luigi,"and the game crashes taking you back to the title screen

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