• Now that I've gotten your attention, I'm trying to be back on Wikia again. Of course, this wiki is still pretty dead as a doornail, but after a bit of thinking, I'd like to try and revive it. Again.

    Now, that said, let's make a plan. I've got a lot of things on my mind, but that's beside the point.

    -First off, Quality Control. Probably need loads of it. We need to delete a ton of stuff, and get stories that are better in their places. That said, someone talk to that one skeleton and see if he can look through CPW's deletion log for any decent spin-offs. Thousands of deletions happened there; so he might know of two or three decent ones that can be moved here if they aren't already. Plus, we could use more active rights users. Provided that we KNOW they have the work ethic, temp RCaDC members (if that's still in existence) would be nice.

    -After this, we could probably try for the spotlight. It'll take some work and a lot of clean-up first, but I think it would help some. For this, we'll need a custom background image. I don't care what it is as long as we can use it and it looks nice. That said, a new wordmark would be nice; we could probably even completely redo the theme.

    -Since the admins are generally the only ones in existence atm, we need to take more time adding stories the same as we delete them. This keeps a steady flow of content.

    -I'm still iffy on this one, but we could try to re-enable anonymous editing. The time we disabled it was due significantly to spam and vandalism; but it might also help activity.

    That said, long time, no see. How ya been?

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    • I like this wiki, but I don't use it much because it's pretty dead, it'd be great to get more stuff on here.

      Also, boobs!

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    • If there was a spin-off worth saving on CPW, you wouldn't find it in the deletion log.

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