• I just got home from school a package was on the front pouch. I read it and I saw a child's drawing on the cover with baby bugs bunny with black eyes and blood shot eye pupils. So I called over my girlfriend to watch it. But said NO! So I watched it with my dog and it started with the intro but it was sad and dark. And the happy " Hey there everybody it's a loonyfull day, to have a little death the baby looney toons way! There's lots to at granny's house and lots to play and love to murder. There's solvester, bugs, and daffy, Tazz and Lola too twettys such a sweety Now all we need is to kill you. Hey there everybody its at loonyfull day to have a little fun the baby looney toons way!" And after that intro the episode started called " granny's death list ". So the episode started with granny reading a list but at the same time crying. Then it switched to Baby Bugs Bunny and Lola playing with knifes. Then Bugs stabbed Lola in the head, the granny rewarded bugs with a cookie. Next it switched to a screen of solvester and tweety YELLING at each other. Then the screen went black but you could still hear solvester shooting tweety. But before the shooting solvester said " sorry old pal." Then the last of them were Daffy and Tazz ( the shows tazzmainian devil ) and then the screen went black. The blackness lasted 15 minutes and then out of nowhere bugs bunny jumpscared my dog and me. Both us are currently in the owiejsjkewisjjw

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