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    I'm running for administrator. I'll add my contributions from Creepypasta. I'm a rollbacker over there, I have just about 6 months experience. I like checking stories for quality, and I once read all the video game pasta on the genre listing through the letter "I", helping to clean up the subpar storylines. I've never edited here, but I'll become active soon. From the looks of it, there's much work to be done here, and I have all the time in the world to contribute.

    Support Support -
    Neutral Neutral -
    Oppose Oppose -

    Please sign your replies!

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    • After careful consideration, I've granted your request for adminship, since quite frankly we don't have many admins active here. We could use all the help we can get.

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    • I feel that this application is much to premature and has not garnered any real discussion or input from the members of the community. for this reason I am going to revert the rights and leave the application open for at least three days. this gives you time to edit and really show your commitment to the wiki before being given rights.

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    • Alright.

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    • Neutral Neutral - I don't really have a strong opinion here, since there's not really a whole lot to go on. Anyone can say they're going to be active. That said, I don't see any real harm in the addition.

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