• Several years ago when Pokemon Ruby was released my friend Johnny and I went to grab a copy. When we got to the store we saw that Mike was working the counter. Mike knew a lot about games and was always putting up with us doofs; we thought he was the coolest. So anyhow we asked for copies of Pokemon Ruby. Mike told us that unfortunately they only had one copy left and the other version was unavailable as well. Since Johnny's mom took us there I thought he should have the game. Mike was happy to see us get along so well and told me he'd give me a call when another copy was ready.

    More than a week had passed and Mike never called. So I decided to ask Johnny if I could borrow his copy for a little while. Johnny agreed, he even said I could keep it and that I shouldn't freak out if anything weird happened. According to Johnny his parents had messed with the cartridge and were trying to troll him. Apparently the novelty of the gag had worn off and it was just getting on his nerves. I asked him why he thought they messed with it and he said it was because crappy pictures and phrases would pop up on the screen from time to time. I chuckled a little and thanked my friend before leaving.

    When I got home I Started a new game of Ruby. I named my character “da bomb,” and as I played over the next couple of days I saw what Johnny was talking about. During conversations with several npcs, like the rival and gym leaders, the screen would cut to 16 bit images of people and hearts, not the kind of hearts you'd find in a body but rather the kind you'd find chocolate inside of. I found most of it pretty funny actually. But around the time I reached Giovanni my parents got a call from Johnny's parents. My parents came to me and told me that Johnny went outside of his house the other day and his parents haven't seen him since. I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do. I just felt sad and I wanted to be alone for a while. Trying not to think about Johnny I picked up my Game boy and I just kept playing and I was going to keep playing till it was over.

    After I beat the elite four another trainer showed up. I found out later that the rival was supposed to be here, But that's not what happened this time. The sprite of a small boy came out, he had my name and called me Johnny. He said we were going to a fun place with someone who loves us more than anything. After his dialogue ended the credits began to roll showing the strange pictures again. I realized that these images were 16 bit pictures of me and Johnny, some of which were taken from outside the window to my room. Then at the very end a picture of Mike appeared with the text “Johnny it's time to go.”

    Immediately I ran to my parents and told them about the game and the messages. They called the police who confiscated the game and began the search for Mike, but he was already gone. The day after that I got a call. When I answered it Mike was on the line and he told me my copy was ready and that he dropped it off at my house somewhere that only I would look for it. I went to the outside of the window to my room. Once there I noticed the tip of a cartridge poking out of the ground. There partially buried was my copy of Pokemon Ruby.

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