• I love mrkylesfilms1 back when I saw his first video of him opening the Animaniacs Plushes,  well if you are a fan of mrkylesfilms1, then you will be scared of this tape or video,  I was watching an episode of invader zim on my tv when I relized that I have check for new videos, so I ran to my laptop to see if thare are any new videos uploaded, and thare is, I looked at the video and its made by mrkylesfilms1, I was so excited to see it, so I clicked on the link and I hit PLAY, the video started off with the room but it looked different,  the walls are broken and bloody, thare are real robot in the house, the bed is broken and I saw somthing that is the wierdist of all time, all ove MrKylesfilms1's plush charcters are comming to life and they are ganna kill mrkylesfilms1, Mickey and oswald tied him up, Zim and gir cut his stomach off, the warner bros and the warner sister choped his head off, roger rabbit cutted his arms and legs off, and worse of all, electro put him in a shredder and shed all of his rest of his body off, and all the Charcters stare at me and told me "we did this to you" and it ended, I got relly scared that time, I went to bed and had the nightmare of that video I watched, and it will never be the same again, cause of that video I watched.

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    • Hello. A couple of suggestions. 

      Line one: Plushies should be punctuated with a period, not a comma in this instance. 'Well" should be capitalized. Period after 'video.'

      I would paragraph break at video.

      Line two: Invader Zim, and TV should be capitalized. Have should be 'had.' Either that should be 'had to check for new videos' or 'had forgot to check for new videos.' I'm not sure which were intended, and either works fine. 'there' is misspelled. Wrong tense here. Should be 'was' not 'is.'

      'it's' not 'its.' Period after mrklesfilms1.

      Suggested paragraph break.

      Period after PLAY. Capitalize the t in the. Comma after room. Period after 'different.' Capatilize the t in 'The walls.' 'were' , not 'are.' Period after bloody. Capitalize the t in the there. Either 'a real robot' or 'robots' as it is I'm confused about how many robots there are. 

      'weirdist' is misspelled. Over needs an r. Coming is misspelled. 'Gonna' is misspelled. 

      Paragraph break:

      Oswald is a proper name and should be capitalized. Don't know who 'gir' is, but if that's a name it should be capitalized. You can't cut a stomach off. You can cut it out, or 'gut' someone. Period after 'head off.' Roger Rabbit needs to be in capitals. 'cut' not 'cutted.'

      Electro should be capitalized. Shred, not shed. 

      Grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues. No build up. Plot meanders about. Its in a block, which is why I suggested where to break up paragraphs. Just lots of problems. 

      I hope this helps you improve your writing. 

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    • This is pretty old.

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    • It was at the top. Sorry. New to the site

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    • Well then welcome to the wiki. Enjoy your stay.

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