• The contest has ended. The winner is A Letter, by Fatal Disease, with runner-up, Blue Cat Blues, by SpaceManiac888.

    Unfortunately, due to low turnout, this will not be a regular event.

    After ThatGuy's recent contest on Creepypasta Wiki, I thought it might be a good idea to conduct a similar event here on Spinpasta. So enters the Spinpasta Spotlight, a chance for some perhaps less-appreciated or undiscovered pasta masterpieces to gain a little recognition and bask in the limelight.

    Unlike Creepypasta of the Month, here, users are invited to present their own pastas for consideration, not anyone else's. The pastas will be judged over the course of the month by yours truly, and come the end of the month (in this case, Halloween), a winner selected by means of qualitative analysis. Assuming that this event is a success, the winner will be posted at the top of next month's page, and also earn a special tag for Spotlight winners. There will also be Honorable Mentions, so even if you don't win first place, your pasta may get some extra traffic.

    With enough participation, this project will gain its own page in months to come, and some other admins might even get involved for the sake of variety.


    • You can only submit a pasta that you have written, not someone else's.
    • Always include a link to your pasta when submitting.
    • Collaborations are allowed.
    • You may submit any pasta you've written that has been uploaded to this site, regardless of when it was written or how long it's been here.
    • There's no rule against submitting a pasta you've written if it's won PotM or Suggested Reading, but preference will be given to pastas which haven't received the recognition they deserve. If you have a great pasta that just hasn't been able to catch any readers, that's the one to submit.
    • Each user is allowed ONE submission, so make it count. You are free to submit another next month if the event continues.
    • Submissions are open until the last day of the month. If your original submission is deleted or you change your mind about which pasta you want to submit, you may submit another... once. If both submissions are deleted or you change your mind twice, then you're too finicky and will have to wait for next month.

    And with that, have at it! Feel free to post submissions, questions, and comments in this thread. I look forward to bringing some quality, unknown pastas to light.

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