• Senjumaru Shutara
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    04:27, May 11, 2015

    I'm thinking that we should begin exercising what the Creepypasta Wiki does with it's Marked for Review category; we should make the Marked for Review category a stand-alone category. What this means that if a user categorizes a page with the Marked for Review category, then the other categories are removed from the page.

    It can be helpful to direct users--the ones who are not going to edit but read stories on here--from pages tagged in this category because, from what it looks like, the category is used as a unsure tool if the story is qualitative or not. The story that pops up with this category can be good or bad, and it can ruin their experience or make their experience fun. As much as criticism is great to build these stories tagged for review to be more good, users who want to help can look up the category to see if there's something to edit on.

    That's pretty much it for this short thread. Leave your votes below!

    Support Support -
    Neutral Neutral -
    Oppose Oppose -
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    • Support Support - Yes.

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    • I thought we were already doing this. There's no need for a thread on this point, just do it.

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