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    03:31, August 27, 2014

    Let me first say that I understand this is very unorthodox, especially having read this page quite thoroughly... though, I'm not sure how current these standards are, as there's much housekeeping to be done on this wiki. That said, at the recommendation of an existing Bureaucrat, I'm requesting the rights for myself. I understand if this is thought to be unnecessary, and will hold no grudges for votes opposing.

    As for my qualifications, since becoming RCaDC and Admin, I've clarified many of the category usage standards and site rules, updated many site-related pages that have been neglected so as to reflect the wiki's current standards, cleared out dozens of individual pastas that fell below the Quality Standards, emptied and finally removed the long-depreciated Death category (I'm still working on doing the same with other depreciateds like Original Content), and done my fair share keeping the chat orderly, back when it was still bustling.

    If it's any further affirmation that I'm familiar with a wiki's structure and maintenance, I recently launched my own wiki, the Freepasta Wiki (pending inclusion as a CPW Network member), which has been modeled to reflect the same infrastructure and general guidelines of other network members such as this wiki. This was done from the ground up, without assistance from other staff members.

    I believe I can do even more good for this wiki, and give my word that I shall be nothing but just if granted this opportunity. At the risk of being immodest, I think that, more than anyone else on this wiki, I excel at keeping a level head in times of conflict, addressing issues calmly and professionally, and showing no bias towards any group or individual under any circumstance.

    Please leave your feedback below.

    Deadline: September 15. 2014

    Support Support -
    Neutral Neutral -
    Oppose Oppose -

    Please sign your replies!

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