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    19:47, July 27, 2014

    Howdy. I am here to propose the second person to be promoted into RCaDC, and that is Xelrog. Why do I feel that he should be promoted? Although he has a low edit count, and hardly edits on articles, he always takes part in community discussions, and makes good suggestions based what the thread talks about. He has the capabilities for an administrator, to my eyes (and possibly to other users). And due to Goddy being promoted to an admin (despite his on and off inactivity that he vastly improved), if Xelrog perfects his activity a little bit, he would make a great RCaDC member. Why, probably even a great admin one day.

    Deadline: August 2nd, 2014

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    • Why, I'm flattered. I don't know if I can really defend my activity, as I don't really browse the site much--truthfully, I don't much enjoy reading creepypastas, I'm here mostly to write them (I guess that's weird, huh? A writer who doesn't like reading).

      But, I have found quite a warm community here, and am always happy to participate and take an active role in bettering the site in any way I can.

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    • congrats Xelrog! have fun being an RCaDC member :)

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    • Support Support -

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    • Oppose Oppose - Yeah, he takes part in community discussions, which is nice, but he doesn't really do anything else. I honestly don't see why he needs the right at the moment.

      EDIT: Support Support - He's a damn good editor!

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    • NOTE: The user has been given a trial for a week, to prove that he can maintain the activity. Does that mean voting will stop? No. It won't. He will be put to the test to see if he can maintain activity on the site. Does that mean he has do edit pages from horrific grammar and formatting? No. He has to maintain the responsibilities that he has on the site, and be able to be seen here.

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    • Right-o. First order of business is doing some housekeeping. I tidied up the Category Listing page (no big changes, just updated depreciations and fixed some inconsistencies), and am now going through the Shock Ending category to clean it out so that it can be properly used again.

      I've already run into several pastas that fall disparagingly short of the Quality Standards therein, and assume them ripe for deletion. I can't imagine any of them are defensible, but if any more experienced members of staff feel that any of these pages weren't enough to warrant deletion, feel free to restore them and I will respect the decision.

      Quick link to the deletion log for reference here.

      By the way, several questions/issues involving categories have come up during housekeeping. They're numerous enough that I'll start a thread about them in the General Discussion folder, so please give that a look.

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