• I am proposing to promote GodzillaFan1, one of the RCaDC members to administrator status. He has not been too active, however, he has stated he will attempt to be moreso, and he has shown signs of doing so. He has made a fine contribution to the clean up of the wiki and I believe he would be well fit for admin status.

    He has experience at Trollpasta in administration and a good understanding of quality, and he can take abuse.

    I don't know if there is much else to add, but I believe he will make a good new addition to the admin team.

    Support Support -
    Neutral Neutral -
    Oppose Oppose -

    Deadline: July 29, 2014

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    • Support Support - Although I did say no more admin applications, since the RCaDC right pretty much covers what needs to be covered on the site, and the chat is like the ghost town of it (unless if either a bureaucrat or an admin wants to hold an admin meeting, discussing an issue on here that needs to be resolved). But, in all fairness, since Goddy has experience with the right on Trollpasta, can make fair decisions on the wiki (like me), and is showing vast improvement with his activity, I will support him becoming an admin on Spinpasta.

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    • Support Support - yis plos

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    • I support. Goddy needs this. He is a great person.

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    • Support Support - He'll do great

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    • bumping since I can't rehighlight from my phone.

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    • Princess Callie wrote: bumping since I can't rehighlight from my phone.

      It's still highlighted.

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    • A FANDOM user
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