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    19:47, July 8, 2014

    Alright! First thread being posted that follows specific rules and regulations that allow admins to nominate other users for rules. This will be the first thread to show how this process should go, rather than having it all over the place.

    The first user that I propose for a step-up to the RCaDC family is Godofmemez. Why do I feel that this user should be a RCaDC member? I can rely on him on being a hard worker on this site whenever he can be on. Whenever he had gotten rollback, he said that he will work hard on this site. To me, whenever he can, he kept that promise. But the only thing that will probably stand in the way was his inactivity lap. As long as it's not choppy, where he edits 5 times a day then stops for a few weeks, I can trust him with the right.

    Leave your opinions on if he should deserve the right or not.

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    • Me? fine, work on it.

      The inactivity thing is that, this wiki is the wiki with most low activity on all of the Creepypasta Network wiki, and there are only a few pages on there through, so no one is really working on the wiki, and work on other wiki or do some other thing instead.

      Also, I noticed that somehow this wiki has a low to none amounts of vandalism since I joined, I'm maybe right or not, that is my point, that's why I won't be seen on the wiki a lot

      If you're actually going to vote, fine, I don't care about not being on RCaDC, but I'm glad to be on that rank actually.

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    • From what I see here, I think he'll be great for the job

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    • Support Support - According to what you said, he sounds qualified for the job.

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    • Support Support - Yes pls.

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    • Support Support -¬†Sounds qualified

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    • Setting deadline here, since my phone won't allow me to edit the OP

      Deadline: July 10th, 2014

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    • Princess Callie wrote: Setting deadline here, since my phone won't allow me to edit the OP

      Deadline: July 10th, 2014

      I didn't originally have a certain deadline on it, sort of say. I originally wanted it to go from the beginning to the end of the month.

      But now I see that it's silly.

      Each right of the month will be like PotM. It'll go from the beginning of the month till the 15th.

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    • Ten days is good enough for RCaDC.

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    • Princess Callie wrote:
      Ten days is good enough for RCaDC.

      I agree.

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