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    Guys, I'm oficially announcing that, from tomorrow and onward, I'll stop posting anything at this wiki. Why? Simple. All my pastas aren't being appricated AT ALL. And when they are, it's very low praise. Call me an attention whore, do your thing. Or suddenly say that my pastas are wonderful. I'm not ever changing my mind. Never. Take away my rights as RCaDC, delete my pastas... I no longer care. I'm not turning back and not starting over. I'll be at TPW and CPWC if you need me for a talk or a good laugh. Good day, everyone. I'm leaving. 

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    • Fatal Disease
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      23:17, May 4, 2014
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    • Well. I tried moving this into a blog, but it wouldn't let me. But...

      I refuse to remove your stories on this site because they are well-respected and part of the community. I just refuse. Once I demote you, ask me on my talk page on those wiki's and I'll delete them -- I won't like it, but it's your decision (even though you did have deletion rights on here, anyways).

      As for your rights. If you, however, back out on this situation, don't be afraid to ask your rights back anytime on this wiki. It hurts me to see you leave this wiki, as I was the one that suggested you should apply for RCaDC in the first place. But... I cannot control what people want to do, and what not to do in their wikia life.

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