I know that some users around here used that category as "a way to escape unfinished articles". I have seen this from checking on some articles during the dismantle of the Series category. I think this may be some of a misunderstanding, on my end, but this has been happening a lot during the time since the category was created, till the time it was dismantled.

    So, since I know that the users on this wiki made a lot of series. This does not mean that series are banned, no. There is an alternative way on how to do this. Just do not do one of the following:

    1. Add (to be continued) at the end of it: This will be counted as an unfinished page, and will be deleted.
    2. If you plan on cutting your article out, separating it into two pieces of articles, and it cuts the storyline, it would be best if you merge the two articles so that it wouldn't be misunderstood as unfinished.
    3. Using the bottom formatting of Knob.exe, but changing the color of the cross text from grey to yellow. Or a list of which story goes in order.

    So, those are the new rule changes from omitting the series category. Just wanting to let each and every user to know who contribute to this wiki.

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    • Also, on an unrelated topic, QC's contributions are in the logs. Can't they be hidden?

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