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    04:30, May 11, 2015

    Friends, something that would make Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and The Rake all simintainglessly shit their pants all at once. The Internet inself, (which may include sites like this), has it's own horrors to face, and we're not gonna let it fight it alone!

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    • Is there an OFFICAL statement by the government that says SOPA is back?

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    • This is a petition to prevent SOPA from coming back. It's a site with with a petition that when in March 19, will be seen by the president by 100,000 signitsures to prove to him we don't want to deal with the same bullshit from 2012. I don't blame your speticisum, but we have to be safe with this, we can't afford to underestimate this cause of SOPA's previous defeat. It never hurts to have a preventive measure.

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