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    16:36, March 28, 2014

    So. I have been thinking about sending an email to the staff, in order to fix the RCaDC right. Here are my new suggestions to the right change.

    1. Making it Non-Sysop Grant-able: I believe that any right that has to deal with giving rights/deletions should be granted by the Bureaucrats of the wiki. If this gets supports I will make sure that the staff won't make this Bureaucrat-accessible, I will make sure that the Rollback right will be accessible.
    2. Rollbacking: Pretty simple. It'll be a lot better to revert vandalism, rather than having two rights working at the same time.
    3. Protecting Pages: Meaning that if a high traffic page is getting vandalized/it's a perfectly good page and a sysop isn't around to protect it/doesn't know about it, the RCaDC member can protect it for as long as they want to.

    And these are my suggestions to the right change.

    Support Support -
    Neutral Neutral -
    Oppose Oppose -

    Please sign your replies!

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    • I agree with pretty much everything.

      Support Support -

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    • Support Support - Yes.

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    • As an RCaDC member, I support these ideas.

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    • The original purpose of RCaDC was not just to clean up the wiki, but also to be Sysop grantable in case of the absence of a bureaucrat. The wiki had no active bureaucrats or Sysops for quite the while, I think that as long as that is possible, which it is, RCaDC should remain Sysop grantable.

      When I first became active here, the very last Sysop became inactive. We need to make sure that it stays Sysop-grantable so that if we are left down to one active sysop who is about to go inactive, they have the ability to grant the RCaDC right to a trusted user to care for the wiki in their absence.

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