• Hello Mods, Bureaucrats, and Admins. I have been unfairly banned from the trollpasta and creepypasta wikis due to a case of mistaken identity. I was mistaken for the user SnozBerry and was blocked from the wikis. I could not comment, so I was unable to explain things. I could not communicate. What I request is to be unblocked and have a chance to explain things. Please, hear me out. It was only a coincidence. Imagine being banned because of a case of mistaken identity, imagine that. Imagine being unfairly punished because you were mistaken for someone else. Imagine having no say in it, imagine being almost completely silenced, imagine being unable to contact the person who punished you because you were mistaken for someone else. Please, Mods, Bureaus, Admins. Please hear me out, please respond to this. Please?

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    • I'm pretty sure I've saw you before in Trollpasta Wiki.

      But, what made people believe you are a sockpuppet of SnozBerry?

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    • Because I added two similar categories (English Motherfucker do you speak it?! and English Class Failure). I also used the same images that he used.

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    • A FANDOM user
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