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    04:31, May 11, 2015

    Hello! I am planning on making a minecraft pasta. It's gonna be weird, disturbing and all that good stuff. But I really think it needs a picture. Only problem? I flat out suck at drawing. So, I need a picture, and don't worry I will give you credit, that is something like this: It's gonna be fairly realistic (and when I say realistic I also mean that it's not gonna be squares) , and of course creepy. It's gonna be of steve, laying on the ground, looking freaked at some creatures. The creatures can be some of the typical minecraft mobs, and even some others, wich is kinda a free choice what should be, as long as they are not silly, and they are not taken from something else, like kuthulu or a creepypasta. Thank you!

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    • Btw, if you want to get inspiration, check this video out:

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    • Well, I do not draw well, and I think most users in the site don't do neither.

      So, there are two options:

      One: Make the pasta without the picture.

      Two: Look for another wiki and ask there, then come back and make the pasta.

      Best of luck with your pasta!

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