• Because we needed more RCaDC members, I decided to go with two trusted users that I know of. I discussed this with Metafawker, and attempted to contact Fatal and Cashman about it.

    These two users are users who have not been blocked over twice, and have been active for 2 weeks, regardless of edit count. They are trust capable users, and this is a trial period of 2 weeks. This period is to be used to learn what RCaDC members can do, must do, will do, etc.

    At the end of this period, I will determine from their performance whether or not the promotion will be permanent. These users are: 

    Now, I will be discussing the permanent promotion with other admins during the trial period, and it is suggested that both users contact me in chat, so that I can further fill them in.

    The temporary promotion has already been granted. The abilities are:

    • Block Users
    • Delete Pages
    • Rollback
    • Edit Protected Pages

    Rights such as renaming are there, but not mentioned because they belong to normal users as well. The trial period will give access to the admin/RCaDC templates (provided they are not abused) and the contributions of said users will be watched.

    If you don't know how to do something, do not be afraid to ask. You are also expected to make SOME kind of article edits in this period.

    EDIT: There are now three users on the list.

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