• The NSFW category has been abused, very much as we discussed in Rick's thread. Therefore, I've decided that the NSFW category is no longer a general use category. It is now Admin/RCaDC only.

    The reason I've made this announcement in a forum post is because of the fact that it can be highlighted, so there is no excuse for anyone to not see it.

    Basically, it is at our discretion as to what is NSFW or not. It is not to be added unless you are an admin or RCaDC member.

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    • Actually. I was thinking that this would be a bad idea, at first. But, actually. This might actually be a good idea. Because, if you're like me (a user who really hates to wait whenever an admin/RCaDC member to give in response towards this.) can actually help out with the wiki, in order to have the privilege to add the NSFW tag to an article. But, on the downside of it, they might pointsgame in order to achieve such a right. But hey. I usually keep a guard out on the Recent Activity.

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    • Ca$hman approves.

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    • As I said before, as long as it keeps everything moving along, then I like it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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