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    04:30, May 11, 2015

    I am Looking for something a little. . . different for my next story. I'm looking to give an analysis on the symptoms and effects of certain CreepyPasta characters, topics and odd occurrences. Good examples are the Lavender town syndrome or Slender-sickness.

    I'm looking for the best topic to give all of you a better understanding of what goes into these illnesses and mental issues.

    Topics from all over all welcome to be suggested as long as it fits into what I am looking for (Mental or Physical illness cased by something mentioned here on CreepyPasta wiki)

    You never know. . . . You might just find out something you love to see as a kid has dark secrets behind it.

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    • Well... I for one kinda want to help you. So lavender town. It doesn't affect me :), but it does affect others. Also, if I have a chance, I will look for more for you to research. Aha! The elegy and the reverse song of healing (I call it song of death)

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    • So what you're saying is that you wish to be my assistant?

      I hope you do realize the danger that comes with the job.

      and thank you for your suggestion.

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    • I'll get right on the Lavender Town syndrome subject.

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    • Thanks. Could you also see about why I am immune? (Also I will help you research if you want.

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    • That's an easy answer. Technically alot of People become immune because of age and their body maturing.

      Lavender Town Syndrome only affected young children who ears still were not fully developed (Between the ages of 7-12) Studies showed that only children and young teens can hear the high frequencies coming from the music because their ears are more sensible to it. It is all dependent on the maturity and development of the person's ear. 

      That is why it doesn't affect certain people or people of a certain age.

      You are immune because your ears are matured enough for the high frequencies not to affect you.

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    • Really? I'm not even 15 yet! ( in addition, the reverse song of healing from BEN did effect me...) I think I'll start looking into a new subject. Maybe about things to help in my own battle.

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    • Good idea.

      If you need any asistance on it just let me know.

      I should have some information on file.

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