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    That thread stating, should be left by the b'crat. In my opinion, having these kinds of "tags" (categories) would be rarely used. And it's not the freedom you're thinking. This site is operating in normality without having any more tags, but I guess it could be taken care of by somebody else.
    03:19, January 7, 2014

    Earlier before, i tried to introduse new tags, like in any "normal" wiki to fix this site's infernial disorganisation problem, like giving in a seperat tag for Disney based stuff and Nick, and so on..... But then, the tags i wanted to introduse were shot down like they were TF2 scouts. I just wanted to give more tags, why would they kill off such potainional tags, it would've give people more freedom to individualised pastas. Turns out, I have to freaking ask first for no clear reason thanks to a complincated rule concerning tags. God, was this place attacked by trolls adding stupid and brainless tags once and now no tag surivces unless it's introduse like an invited guess to the Elk's club? whatever the case, I just want more tags into this site so people won't have to dig through junk they don't want and have a much better selection of stuff they do. I want full rights to add the likes of seperate tags like "Disney" and "Nick", cause it's too limited to have just "Lost Episode" and "TV" as the only opitions for TV creepypasta.

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